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  • tinmanken Sep 7, 2010 4:30 PM Flag

    Rep. DeGette pushes bill to fund embryo-destroying research

    And the two Republicains:
    DeGette has worked closely with Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) and cites the bipartisan support for her bill. But the 51 cosponsors include only 2 Republicans: Castle and Mark Kirk (R-IL). Coincidentally, both are running for the Senate.
    Currently Kirk is losing in the polls to his Democrat counterpart with absolutely zero conservative support. His support of this issue puts him in the negative-zero range, meaning he should begin to anticipate cat calls at rallies.
    Meanwhile Castle is much in the news as a Tea Party primary target, with he and DE Republican leaders “scrambling to prevent the possibility” of a “seismic upset.” Daily Kos reported August 30 that with conservative Christine O’Donnell breathing down Castle’s neck, a debate over public-funded escr “puts Castle in a spot.” I expect Castle is wishing right about now DeGette would shut up and go away.

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    BTW 51 votes is not enough