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  • doltm3boy doltm3boy Sep 29, 2010 12:57 PM Flag

    hi parsons lost all credibility eh??


    this is parsons yesterday

    good call slick, boss give you a happy meal for that loser post

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    • How would you know????

    • Parsons hasn't had any credibility since he first posted here. He's a liar and a fool

    • dic-hed??? Is that all you think about grandma??

      Well what about the catholic thing are you going to deny it? Ashamed?

      You know perna? If you really knew me I think you would be overwhelmed...

    • What driving down your what?

      I live in SC???

      I also coached youth soccer and basketball for 10 years and passed a SLED check each year.

      I'm squeaky clean and Im not catholic like you probably are, am I right?. Cause it sounds like your suffering from post Priest Paedophila syndrome...

      I also get safe driver discounts and only had one minor accident and that was 25 years ago on a wet road.

      Why all the hate gal? You have grandchildren? your monicker states your 45? Were you a teenage slut did the priest do bad things too you?

      talk to me Perna I can help.

    • I cant see the 1000. but 5000 I think could be. The Fed has GS JP AIG Blackrock and others in their pocket... Teh massive funfs (liquidity pumped into just a few large banks with the discount rate at .25% has money flowing freely betwwen these banks and the Treasury...

      Teh purpose of the massive liquidiity in these behomouths??

      To stabilze and support the stock market! Yep its true,

      Just another fed action to prop up a very sick economy...

    • ahhh perna... I know you care..

      Your just mad since I would not take you up on your offer...

      I'm sorry gurl, I really am and I hope you find someone someday... it just cant be me.

      PS Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

    • Not bad for once Don with your take on the economy. I too own a small business with 7 employees and the future is bleak. The Dow could fall more than 5000 and some are predicting 1000. That would be like jumping out an airplane without a chute, and I bet if that were to happen there would be some people lined up to do just that....C

    • 15000 Dow would only be if the old valuations came back which is highly unlikely... Small banks are taking a beating and there will be many more fail. Fannie and Freddie have bought enormous amnounts of toxic mortgags the tax payers will be on the hook for... All he while forclosures keep climbing and home values decline. With falling equity many homeowners will walk away as they have been doing.

      The S3 unempolyment figure is at 16!

      Social securtiy is now runing a deficit which was not expected to happen till 2017

      The health care reform will cost 100's of billions and the funding plan is falling apart..

      I own a small business and I can tell you my costs are going up.

      We have spent a trillion in Iraq and afghanistan on what???
      We are escalting teh actions in afghanistan its turning into another Vietnam.

      Our trade deficit is horrible.

      Our true GDP is dropping while debt skyrockets!!

      Dow 15,000? I would not be betting on that one.

    • Wow nice post for once.

    • Ok-fair enough-there are always exceptions to the rule.
      Although I have mucho shares of actc, they still represent a small amount of my total holdings which are professionally managed and are blue chip companies such as yours are.
      Only time will tell whether this nice rise in the market of late is for real of just a bounce in an overall downtrend-some see Dow 5000 on the horizon whereas others see 15000 or even higher.

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