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  • jamesgri33 jamesgri33 Nov 4, 2010 3:20 PM Flag

    Let's keep perspective....

    Yes the price of the stock has gone down by more than 10% in the last two days. As a result of this everyone is in panic mode which is driving the stock even lower. In addition to this the conservative movement made big strides winning the majority of the seats. How else would you expect this stock to be perfoming today?

    However a 10% drop of a stock that is worth 5 cents is really less tha a 1/2 of a penny!!! Big deal. By the nature of mico cap equities, these fluctuations are expected and we must remember this. we cannot have fluctuations of .25% or .10% as simply put: we cannot divide a penny so many ways. Let's keep the investing fundmentals in mind during times of anxiety.

    Now on the other hand if google dropped 10% in 2 days there is a serious problem with the company. Just keep that in mind when there are idiots out these feeding on the misery of others.

    I bought 163,000 shares at 5 cents with a limit set to 5.4 cents. I am long this stock. The future of medicine is in this field....period.

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    • I think ya got to be. I mean to keep all the id's staight.....

      Hi lila_dyo do you wear a dress? LOL

    • tinmanken Nov 4, 2010 5:28 PM Flag

      the future of medicine will inlclude stem cell therapy IMO however, this company will have BK'd it's self long before that day comes.
      BTW, STEM up 2.89% today, GERN 1.26% ACTC DOWN 3.88% and and 10% drop on a .05 stock maybe 1/2 penny per share
      163000 @ .05 = 8150
      163000 @ .045 = 7335
      so you are down 815.00 (thats alot of half pennys to loss in a day)

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      • You are right that it is a lot of "half pennies" and mathematically you are correct. However there is something to be said about the "monetary aspect" of an item; ie a stock.

        Think about it before you jump all over this theory and disregard it. It will only require news good enough to increase the stock by 1 cent for me ( and many of us) to recoupe (even gain) small profit.

        Do you remember just 2 years ago when Siri was .11 cents and everyone was going crazy because the sky was falling. look now, 2 years later @ 1.47. My $5K investment in this today is worth $66K. I think i will cash this in and get my M3.

        There is a theory to my madness.

    • The future of your little investment is in the crapper!

      Oh look your already losing money! imagine that! Welcome aboard teh ACTC train wreckkkk!

    • Folks holding this stock have been in a panic mode for at least a year and a half now. ACTC is a 3 to 5 year stock and people don't have the patience to wait that long. Also, the retail investor by most old accounts has left the stock market. They have been bitten too many times and they've had enough. The future for ACTC will probably come from overseas. Don't expect much from the FDA. After we have a reverse stock split and receive favorable news we might start to do something. Mutual funds don't touch 4 cent stocks but people here don't seem to grasp that fact. Until the patients in Phase 1/2 see success we will languish here for awhile. IMO future funding will probably be a problem that has to be overcome also. The powers in Washington that held back embryonic stem cell research on the federal level are now back in the driver's seat. Think they see the light? Don't kid yourself. If everyone wants to take a real flyer here buy when it hits 3 to 4 cents and hold on til 2012. This election Tuesday showed how much patience Americans have. They gave this bunch 2 years and Americans couldn't wait 2 more. Gotta have it right now. Ever notice that one of the most used sayings in this country is "Sorry for the wait Sir". Folks in the service industry are always apologizing at banks, restaurants, grocery stores? Because people have no patience. Patience comes with age. It's usually the younger folks that are always lacking patience. Too bad with a stock like ACTC.

    • You have the perspective of a blind man i'm afraid.

      10% loss in Google = 10% loss in ACTC = 10% LOSS PERIOD

      no matter how you try to sugarcoat this, its a LOSS for any shareholder. His/her account $$$ doesnt have an asterisk next to it.

      The stock is going lower as the market dynamics are impacted by the political changes. New 52 wk lows are coming unfortunately.

    • <<The future of medicine is in this field....period.>>

      I agree, but it dosen't mean ACTC will cut it, because there's always more failures than successes with these new technology startups.
      I've already made some dough with ACTC, now because its so low, I might buy in once more.

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      • Valid point indeed my friend. We are certainly in the right industry...the question in everyone's mind is wether the correct company was selected.

        The best analogy are teh PC stocks in teh 80's. Everyone said that PCs were too expensive and there is no way that every american would ever own one. Obviosuly this was wrong. PC were the wave of teh future. The question is whether the investor picked Microsoft or Fiher computing.

        Remember that last time this tock hit 2 cents in 10/6/08 it hit 25 cents 7 months after.