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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Dec 16, 2010 6:29 PM Flag


    Let me start off by simply saying that so many posters here say things like ACTC has too many shares out there. A fair market cap should be not over this figure or that figure etc. The stock market folks is an auction market. Have you ever been to an auction? Maybe an art auction or even an old fashioned backyard auction of someone selling possessions. The auctioneer holds up an item (in this case ACTC stock) and you say to yourself, "This is too much now because fair value is this". You have a pretty good idea what "fair value" is BUT it just keeps going up and up. It's exhuberance at play and even though you try and put a true asset value on it the other people in the crowd want it badly for whatever reason. With ACTC stock some people are saying things like, well they have so many shares out already and they don't have a commercial product out there. Right now one can't put a fair value on this. You are betting on the future and know one knows 100% what that future is but it looks extremely promising. This momentum takes on a life of it's own. An investor here with this stock has to really see that IF the blind can have improved vision will there be enough shares to fill the enormous buying frenzy that will probably occur. Many folks here believe a billion shares out already is way too many but I see a future where a billion can't feed the future demand. One has to try and see what this stock will be like in 1 year, 2 years etc. This can be a life changer for many here if they can possibly envision the future. As for all the talk of a takeover by a big pharma they can't take this company from you if you hold on to your shares tightly because every day they will be in the market buying them if that is their intent. One day you wake up and read an announcement that a large pharma has been acquiring shares in ACTC for the past few months and they now have acquired 51%. Be aware of this fact. I still firmly believe that Robert Lanza and his crew want their life's work to be validated to them not a big pharma. I hope everyone who believes in this company does well. It's always great when a good stock plan comes together.

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