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  • demetergreen demetergreen Dec 21, 2010 8:12 AM Flag

    Interim CEO Gary Rabin resume

    So he changed positions. Who better to fight the opposition than one who's been there?

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    • Your point is well taken....not to hold a hedgefund background against anyone that seeks to be a CEO. And it looks like he holds about 11M he is certainly a stakeholder. A CEO transition at this critical time in the history of ACTC can make all the difference. As all of our opinions are to be considered, I simply want ACTC to have the very best of talent. And if Mr. Rabin is the right man....thats great as well. Thanks

    • That was the first thing that came to my mind as I was reading this post.....the other thing that came to my mind was this....if you were given the opportunity that he has right now,what would you do....I know what I would do....I would be on a mission to prove to the world and others in the same field,that I was the right choice to fill the position....period,end of discusion for draw any conclusion you like,but thats where I stand and I believe thats where Gary Rabin stands!!!