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  • jmills7930 jmills7930 Dec 30, 2010 10:43 AM Flag

    Great post on another ACTC board.....good read!

    So why is Roslin's Announcement Pivotal in the Execution of the European
    Strategy and What is its major Implications relative to the US Strategy and
    the Overall Value of ACTC?

    Number One is it gives a very strong indication of a brilliant
    Caldwell/Lanze growth strategy, product development vision that is
    agressive, multi-faceted, and is not US Focused but is in fact Global.
    Caldwell finally showed his brilliance by developing this strategy with
    Lanza and Mickunas.

    The Roslin Agreement will do the following for ACTC:
    1. Initiate ACTC's European Strategy while continuing to work on its US
    2. Implement the Gold Standard Blastomere Strategy in Europe independent
    of US Political Stupidity and Governmental Burden.
    3. It will give ACTC the Option to move to Europe in the Event that the US
    Government makes it impossible to
    Operate its core business in the US.
    4. The European Strategy will make ACTC an A-Class and attractive
    investment for many European Bio Pharmas.
    5. The Roslin Agreement will allow the Blastomere Patent of ACTC to be the
    Global Gold Standard by allowing its licensing to the World. Note that this
    Global Strategy will allow ACTC's Blastomere Patent to dominate the
    Regenerative Market because of the following: The critical quality of a
    Blastomere Stemcell it is robustness and ability to differentiate into
    almost all the cells in the human body. If you compare this to any Adult
    Stem Cells you will note that Adult Stem Cells are in most cases NOT as
    robust and as able to differentiate as a Blastomere Stem Cells.
    Additionally, there are now studies that show early senecense for
    non-blastomere type stem cells and mostly adult stem cells. More
    importantly, ACTC/Roslin may in fact allow ACTC's Blastomer Stem Cells to be
    as Universally Used as the "Microsoft Software" on a worldwide basis, and be
    paid Royalties on all the products that will come out of this Agreement.
    This Strategic Initiative is as important as the first US FDA Approval that
    ACTC has received. Note that this Agreement will provide ACTC's Stem Cells
    hundreds of labs, and thousands of scientists whose every success will
    provide ACTC a stream of revenue and cash flow without having to manage each
    of this labs. themselves. This is sheer genius if there ever is one. It was
    applied at Microsoft and Google, but it is now being used in Regenerative
    Medicine by ACTC.

    6. The European Strategy and the Roslin Agreement will allow European
    Funding and basically tell the NIH that they better move and make decisions
    or Europe will leave you behind.

    Other important implications of the European Strategy is simple, it makes
    ACTC very attractive to Major BioPharmas as a JV Partner for Europe, the
    same thing applies to the Japanese Pharma Companies. This will also
    eliminate this talk about the need for an RS and possibly early takeover by
    a Major Pharma Company.

    The Roslin Agreement all of a sudden makes ACTC a Global Stem Cell Company,
    albiet still small, but a very attractive JV Partner at a very good price

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