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  • biosectinvestor biosectinvestor Jan 3, 2011 5:45 PM Flag

    My Personal Opinion and View On Today

    This is the first day back. A lot of people are not fully back yet, those who are, are not fully paying attention.

    Additionally, the new news is probably most well understood, at least initially, by those who follow the stock already. Newbies probably won't understand it until there is more dissemination to popular press.

    Additionally, we see one person indicating that they could not trade from Canada today.

    Today was a nice day. Solid. But the full impact of all the news is yet, in my view, to register in the price. And then there are the manipulative forces, and the day traders who get in and out and are impatient. I think we won't see the impact of recent developments for a little bit in the price.

    My view, for my own situation, not for anyone else, because I do not recommend buying, holding or selling any securities - but my view, because I hold a lot myself in this company, is that I'm happy to wait for the science to prove itself. All the other appreciation in the intervening period that may happen - will be just happy vindication if it happens. But I already BELIEVED that I was understanding something that the market did not fully appreciate, because it's too technical. I still believe that.

    This is all my personal opinion. Please do your own due diligence and form your own opinions on these matters. Also, speak to a licensed financial advisor before you invest in anything. I am not an advisor, just an ordinary investor, like everyone else.

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    • Nice post. I read what you said carefully. I agree with you completely. The importantance of the green light by the FDA to study age-related dry MD is huge and not fully appreciated by the market yeaterday. It will take a little time to sink in. I suspect that when it does, the PPS will reflect that digestion.

    • Ex_CELL_Ent thinking fellas. First we brand the 3 L's, but we need to think about changing it to something like "Lanza's Life :Lines: of Foods" an we build on tobflipped's idea with a whole "line" of health foods...Lanza endorsed, an we cut him in for a few bucks and a percent or two, of course.


      I think .3 is coming down pretty soon here guys??

    • I don't know about the people not paying attention or not. I am hopeful that the trials will be successful and pps will be much higher than it is now. Remember that the bubble mentality is gone, could you image where the price would be if this was in the ".com era"!? It will happen but I think the trails will have to show us the way.
      Everyone needs to stop with the Republican bs. ACTC has shown the way and we now have a way to harvest stem cells without destroying the embryo. that's a good thing. They and anyone for that matter want to see a cure for the blind. It's a wonderful thing that they wanted to protect the embryo. Obama, bush, noone will stop this process politically and ACTC has said "we can do it without you" and that is a great thing.
      As ACTC accomplishes each step it's pps will go up and once there is hope for stopping the progression of or cure for these diseases we as shareholders and those with the disease will be happy beyond our wildest dreams.

    • Your memo has the feel of a wise old sage.

    • Dang, football players are not notorious for being smart!
      Brett Pevre letting it all hang out.
      What a fine mess you got me into this time Ollie.

    • Another thing I'd like to add as the pull back forces is the likability of the tech and company in the minds of people who are very religious about the stem cell issues they created in their minds.simply put these people are not investors but just try to pull it down s low as possible, many of them are big shots in the Wall street. they waged a war to fight the uprising of the ACTC and its likes. Another group firms are big pharmas. Many of their revenue source will be dry up if stem cell tech flourishes, so they try also to play down ACTC as well. They will loss, the tech will win. ACTC will be one of the big winner in the War, the science will prevail like it or not.

    • well said I agree

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      • On the short term most of the buyers today were people who already were aware of the stock and probably already invested. A few daytraders jumped in with the hype and jumped out at the end of the day. The more thoughtful, larger investors are going to filter in as the news get out. The games will continue so a new investor might want to pick his or her shots. The path is clearly up at least until the trials start so the only way to lose is to get shaken out. Take a position and hold it. Trade around the edges if you must but I would be afraid to be all out at any given time. When this crosses a buck some will sadly look back at when they sold for .19 on a pull back. There was a time with this company when fear of loss was much greater than possibility of gain. I think that time is behind us now.

      • so you think that after showing success and safety, say over the next 6 months, that somehow people are not going to force access to a cure for blindness?

    • good post bio--you show alot of common sense.
      the trials coming up are going to be like baby steps per perspective admission--these test will allow them to gauge how effective the results are coming along by useing different doseages on the patients an seeing what happens then allowing the to fine tune doseage---hopefully it will meet expectations and if so then not only investors but all mankind should thank the ones that spend their life searching for the solution to so many horrible diseases.
      my hats off to all of you researchers.

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      • While I can appreciate all the hope and hype on this thread about the possibilities for patients, what's missing is the financial reality of this company's ownership structure. As of the last 10-Q filing they had 1.06 Billion common shares outstanding, another 210 Million warrants outstanding at an average exercise price of $0.13 and 41 Million options outstanding at an average exercise price of $0.25. Tally it all up, and you have 1.3 Billion shares before the dilution of the latest money raise they did in December - they issued another 63 Million of warrants ($0.16 exercise price) in connection with the $10M series B preferred and an undisclosed number of warrants on the series C issuance. Let the dust settle and you probably have 1.5 Billion shares outstanding already and the company will need to raise a lot more capital than the $25M they have to get through the clinic. I'm not bashing the company or it's technology, but with 1.5 Billion shares outstanding and more dilution down the road, there is a limit to where these shares can go.

        With respect to the clinical path and the pressure on the FDA to approve, no doubt these stem cells are not going to have the same clinical path as conventional drug trials - i.e. assuming the cells show clear efficacy in Phase I trials, there is no way the FDA is going to force a large-scale "placebo-controlled" trial to prove efficacy. On the other hand, they will no doubt require lengthy safety review periods on these trials, so the idea that the FDA will "fast-track" stem cells into the market is a false one - it will take at least 3+ years.

      • I'm actually very happy about the market action today...we rose .017 and our low was .215. the last good news dump took the price to...what was it .14 or something close to that...IMO...this indicates a stronger base. IMO as long as we are OTCBB we can expect this type of action but the good news is the base keeps getting a bit stronger...there are some traders out there making lots of money on this and some investors trying to make money but getting ripped. I think you have to be a great trader to play ball with the big boys and girls. me...I'm a little fish and content to just hold tight to my shares and watch and enjoy the ride...I really think this is the real deal...good luck to all of us..may we all get out of this what we desire..and for any who wish to get in on the dips IMO you will have ample opportunity

    • After the FDA approval of SMD, it did not go straight up. Remeber the day of, everyone was disapointed the stock didn't go to da moon. The share price slowly rose for several weeks. There is also a whole lot more daytrading activity now.

    • RIGHT! As news spreads, more and more long-term holders will get on board and the ability of the deep pocketed players to manipulate successfully will wane. It's already starting to happen, but these are early days.

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