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  • booskiadam booskiadam Jan 4, 2011 9:16 AM Flag

    When the GOP takes the Senate


    ACTC will be at $7.50. 2 more years.

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    • USA Today left out the important part about not harming the embryo. When they use the term ebryonic stem cells being used and don't mention
      our patented process that leaves them unharmed, the story is totally incomplete and misleading to a degree.
      Readers don't know all of this, and some will become irrate as usual, thinking we are
      doing something that is not being done by ACTC.

      The company must be certain that the writers who contact them include this important fact in their story...or the story will not be factual, leaving the wrong impression on the readers.'s the Goldman Sachs black box trading that may have swooped this down this am. This has to be stopped, because their huge, super trading in nanoseconds computers are raping the value that investors added to small stocks in less time than a heartbeat takes.

      these trading ghouls don't care about science, medicine or any such thing...only about swooping down like a bunch of vultures and
      stealing value from these stocks that have gone up and are in the news.
      they are predatory and as CBS 60 Minutes stated,
      have unfair advantage over all other investots and traders.

      Goldman has a lot to make up for after the crash and their part in it..and this is not exactly what we intended them to literally steal targeted stocks' value, every time they go up from investors' and traders'

      Tthese cunning people have a huge advantage that has to be stopped asap.
      We cannot have a nation where one firm can have power over all concerned.

      If and when you call the SEC about need to tell them that this has to end..
      same with your rep. in Congress and Senators. Tthe Senate banking com. is the place to complain, and if you don't like waking up to a big
      selloff of a stock that should be flying on the upside..then do something besides
      typing posts here on yahoo.

      Tthis is an outrage...and must not continue unnoticed by the financial media.
      60 mins. has the courage to confront the situation..few others do, except Dillon Radigan on cnbc at 4pm. We need to email him about it and get him going. He will blast 'em..since he's for the small investors and the
      stocks that are abused by naked shorts, etc.

      A pox on the big black box!

      p.s. some traders say it's ok..that the stock will go back up, but understand this, when they knock it down this way so quicky...yes, it will go up, but they will knock it down again and take your money you spent buying it lower..and, the end result is a stock that should be way higher, but has been forced to tread water by these powerful forces and is going nowhwere fast. it's wrong, unfair and crooked.

    • We will need it, their will have to be a lot of blind people voting.

    • By comparison to Reagan's huge historic national debt, note that Democratic President Bill Clinton increased the National Debt by less than $18 Billion in his ENTIRE LAST YEAR in office! At the rate that the Clinton administration was reducing the debt increases, an Al Gore administration would have almost paid off the entire National Debt by 2008! We would have had EIGHT STRAIGHT YEARS OF DEBT DECREASES!!! A far cry from what Reagan/Bush and the Republicans put on the backs of Americans.

    • It's amwazing to me how many do not know this??? I was wrong however, it was 163B
      USA today Link

    • Why do you lie? The highest in history Carter and Obama

    • Add to that Bush never paid for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama has included the wars in the budget and a big part of why his deficit is so large. Republicans are generally liars in matters of finance.

    • When they take over senate, the USA government will be totally dis functional! I know, how is that possible? Our Government is totally disfuntional now but, then our country won`t have any credibility at all in the world. We must have at least 1 maybe 2 more parties take office to uncork the deadlock and pork from Congress and Senate.

    • "Bush had the deficit down 192 billion until the dems took over congress. This is while dealing wth 9/11, the war & stimulas. What's the deficit now?"

      joe, surely you are joking here.

    • Stop the political garbage, this is a mb for ACTC. Stop responding to the taunts.

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