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  • evilpickemking evilpickemking Jan 22, 2011 11:43 PM Flag

    Washington on Monday


    Ed will be speaking at a conference. No big deal but when ya look at the surrounding cast of characters it just reiterates that we are really on top of the game.

    Industry perspective

    What does it take to get to the clinic?
    What are key regulatory considerations?
    Approaching the Agency as a partner
    Edmund Mickunas, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT)

    I have sneaking suspician that our legitamcay will become ever more recognized as 2011 progresses. What steps will be taken and at what speed remain to be seen. An affirmation to those who are eager to validate the science of embryonic stem cell research. We are a major player here. hell we practically are the player here. The eyes of pharma and biotech are watching. I believe there is a fear throughout the big name companies of attaching themselves to a science that is not seasoned in human trials.They are unwilling to aggresively stick their neck on the line. But they are waiting in the wings ready to jump agresssively into it if suceeses begin to occur. A rush to acquire preclinical programs, intellectual property, iniate trials in an expediated fashion. Of course merger and acquisition action.

    We on the other hands are the renegedes of the industy. We never caved. We fought and perservered. We explored many options in attempt circmnavigate bureacratic red tape. We hung in tooth and nail and we have an extensive patent portflio, 2 Embryonic trials expected to commence in 2011 to show for it.

    We have politicians dictating the rules and regulations of a science most don't fully understand. Some act not on the best interest of the people but in their own personal ambition. They turn a blind eye to the overwhelming majority of the scientific community thats supports giving this research every opportunity afforded any other research.

    Those days will hopefully be put behind us. If the science progresses and promise is shown we will have a huge shift in mindset. They will never stop tring to dictate their perceived morality on us. But their perception will change.

    We have a long road ahead and an interesting one at that.

    Ya can't forget about the Feb. meeting.

    And Bio Europe in March.

    another sat. night

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