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  • tmftmf tmftmf Jan 24, 2011 2:47 PM Flag

    Just had a 20 minute conversation w/ Dan Schustack

    He said that the first clinical test patient should be sometime before mid year. There is a lot involved in finding/screening of candidates. Then after about two months from the initial candidate, they will add new test candidates.

    He also went on to tell me that the company is definitely seeking a Big Pharma JV Partner(NOT a buyout....ACTC is not interested in being bought out) simply because when you have a potential $30 Billion market, you need a partner with very deep pockets (a lot more than $25 Million) as well as vast experience to fund/manage clinical trials of such magnitude and help bring product to market.

    Also said the there is a market of 20 million plus in USA and 10 million people in Europe .

    Feel more confident than ever about being long ACTC.

    Do ur own DD....JMHO


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    • I had a similar conversation with Dan Shustack about 2 weeks ago, and also spoke for that long. It should not be surprising that people in investor relations ... speak to investors. I got similar information regarding timeline, as well as the search for joint ventures (not takeovers).
      This timeline is feasible and realistic. These initial trials will be multicenter. Each center must have their IRBs (institutional review boards) evaluate and approve all aspects of the specific experimental protocols as well as patient selection. This can involve multiple rounds of written communications back and forth between investigators and the boards. Not unusual for this to take a minimum of a month or two. Once data has been collected and collated, it then must be submitted to a peer reviewed journal (not a press release or a yahoo bulletin board) in order to be validated and published. This can take time as well (I have been a reviewer as well as an investigator). Then, the FDA may or may not want more data or trials. Only then, if there is safety and efficacy, can things move forward clinically.
      This is the way it is.
      Just my two cents.
      I also think the impact of regenerative medicine will be, to paraphrase Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, 'beyond your wildest dreams.'

    • I without doubt do NOT believe this converstation took place.

      What multi-million dollar public company - regulated by the SEC - would openly speak with some nobody invester about the future plans of their company?

      It's not happening. Look at what just happened to Geron today - and it was because they were loose lipped with their information.

      Anyone answering the phone at ACT I am sure is instructed on what can and cannot be discussed - if any discussions can occur at all.

      It's more reasonable to think probing questions about the company's plans etc. would be referred to shareholder meetings or to wait for the company to actually come out with a PR under the rules of the SEC.

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      • Sperf...
        You're not doing DD by speculating whether or not the call was made.
        Call yourself,already!
        What's so mysterious about an investor calling a company officer?
        I have done this myself on many occasions and it's pretty ordinary. No "inside" info was given,but rather simple answers. General answers.
        Maybe YOU are afraid to call,and it's easier to call someone a liar on these anonymous boards? Do yer DD.....and you might just find out that he actually DID make a simple call. Otherwise,yer just speculating with nuthin'. And that's not even opinion. It's a fact.

    • No way company rep will be on the phone
      with total stranger to discuss things that
      co has not press released for 20 mts ??

      People will believe anything they read !!

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      • I really have no idea why 20+ people thought this is worth "5 stars" (that means it is important? ;o)...

        the original poster DID NOT claim any thing that we don't already know since late December!

        The company HAS ALREADY SAID they expected the SMD trials to start within the first half of the year.

        SOME OF US regulars here pegged it from around Middle of Janauary to Middle of February being the FIRST PATIENT injection; but that's our BS.

        "First half of the year" is said by Lanza, Rabin, and ACT as a company.

        So why do people need to call and talk to some guy on the phone about THE SAME THING we've already known for weeks now?

    • You should follow gern, it takes a long time to make the first shot. All the gern longs have grown white breards.

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      • LOL!

        That's probably true, especially given the management's shenags the last a couple weeks, resulting some class action suit against GERN!

        But, seriously, I keep my fingers firmly cross for Gern, knowing both Gern and ACT use hESC-derived specialty cells, both of which SHOWED remarkable results in their mice in the last 3-5 years they've been testing...

        and CONFIRMED by others... from the University of Washington (Thomas Reh), Seatle, to the University of Toronto (van der Kooy), to Pete Coffe, Univesity Collge London, to Johns Hopkins.....

        Both ACT will either succeed, together; or they will fail together!

        Both claimed to have derived, CORRECTLY (morphologically and functionally) their reespecitve, SPECIALTY cells.

        The FDA looked at their pre-clinical work, and said, Okay, you have satisfied our questions and concerns... go ahead with your human trials, in the first ever's, using hESC-derived cells!

    • Thanks for the post. 20 minute conversation? What else did he say?

    • sounds about right... this is in line with what we were expecting. There should be a few more significant events for the company leading up to the first injection - enough to keep me bullish all the way.

    • 1/24/2011 DS 6 months

      Thanks for the post and effort

    • Sell and move on! See you later!!

    • Dan knows what`s up but he can`t say who or what they are working on with the Big Boys.Word will be released soon .

    • Thank you for posting. I assume there will be a PR sometime from ACTC announcing timelines.

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