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  • laujhawj laujhawj Mar 31, 2011 8:16 PM Flag

    "There won't be any [hESC research] breakthrough..."

    ... because "Science is going different dicretions."

    WTPH is he saying?


    Dr. John Wagner said that embryonic stem cell research presents the greatest hope for not just breakthroughs but actual cures for deadly diseases.

    Still, supporters of the legislation say breakthroughs with embryonic stem cells are unlikely.

    Republican Sen. Michael Jungbauer said during his argument on the Senate floor that science is too unpredictable.

    “There won’t be any breakthrough,” he said. “Science is going different directions.”


    Normal people --- who still have normal levels of brain function --- should listen to scientists, and disregard knucklehead Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhis, Animists, and other emotional idiots...

    Look at MN State Sen. Michael Jungbauer, who has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how basic scientific research is about but asserts: hESC research won't go no where, since it is "too unpredictable."

    "There won't be any breakthrough," the mindless iioiot said, because "science is going different directions."

    OMG! What an absolute NINCOMPOOP!

    I think all fanatic Christians, Moslems, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and any other large and dangerous group of Fairy Tale believers need to be loaded into different rocket ships and send them into different "directions" in the heaven!

    I can't believe I am livin', eatin', breathin' and sheietin' among these neanderthals in the year of the Lord God Creator, 2011!

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    • That is a stupid public official Lauj, no doubt. And there are lots of them these days, getting elected by constituents who must be feasting from leaded housewares, sent here from China to do us in. LOL.

      No, but seriously, he is an idiot. And there are lots of idiots who use religion to fight change, because they are afraid of anything they don't understand how to control.

      However, the problem is not religious people. I disagree on that point. There are lots of great, logical people of deep faith convictions, who maintain logic as an important part of the entire process and who do their reasoning based upon real facts, not facts cooked up for them to maintain their world view without questioning.

      Still, good of you to point out such idiocy. Hopefully, some of those who think similarly, and who likely visit here regularly, will see that and maybe have some self-recognition together with a realization of just how ridiculous and how illogical that quote sounds.

    • all I can say is; Amen brother!

    • lauj, once again you have launched an anti-religion Crusade (though not quite at the level of the originals) painted in such a ridiculously broad brush that it reveals a lack of any DD on religions other than Christian (probably the one you are most familiar with) and there it applies primarily to the Roman Catholic and right-wing evangelical sects of the Christians.

      Here, for instance, are quotes from the first article below about Iran:

      "Though the world's attention has focused on Iran's advancing nuclear program, Iranian scientists have moved to the forefront in embryonic stem cell research, according to a recent joint study by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. .......

      Despite Iran's conservative Islamic rule, there is broad government approval for embryonic stem cell research, which Muslim clerics say is permissible under Islamic law. Shi'ite Muslim scholars believe that the fetus is given a soul at 120 days, before which abortion is permissible when there is a physical or emotional threat to the mother - thus avoiding the abortion debates common in the United States."

      I am agnostic and have little patience with the absurdities of most religions but I must say, in all honesty, that you are bashing many religions on the stem cell issue almost as badly as some of the Christians bash stem cell research. You really need to do some DD on this. Here is a start:

      Iran at forefront of stem cell research

      Iran: Stem Cell Research Is Halal

      The Jewish Perspective on Stem Cell Research

      How India Reconciles Hindu Values and Biotech

      Stem Cell Research and the 'Buddhist Way'

    • Hey Lau - Yes, pretty incredible... I agree. These folks are a vocal minority... it'll take another generation or two before this kind of nonsense talk stops. In the meantime, science and ACTC will move forward and the results will provide further evidence to shut these people up.

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      • Science and knowledge won't shut any of these knuckleheads up...

        If it is not about the earth being "flat," it is about the earth being the "center" of the universe, with the sun and other small stars going around it, in different spheres or onion layers...

        If it is not evolution, than it is about intelligent design or the flood that killed the dinosaurs, with Noah saving a pair of each... from bacteria to the giant whales and dinosaurs, which lived around the same time homo sapiens....

        When adults refuse to grow up and their emotions and thoughts and feelings are totally vested in Fairy Tale stories --- regardless whether they live as stone age in the one or two Amazonian societies in Brazil right now... or in the most technologically advanced society, where scientists have been able to harness SINGLE PHOTONS flying from the surface of the sun to earth ---- you gonna have these adults who refuse to grow up come up with issues they think are destroying their Fair Tale creators peace of mind...