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  • al_the_profit al_the_profit Apr 5, 2011 11:56 AM Flag


    I would like to relate some personal experience.

    If you are like me, then every time you buy a stock the price ends up going down, and every time you sell the price instantly goes up,,

    SOOOOO, knowing this let me say I have lived thru both scenarios,,


    Is it worse to sell and then watch your stock skyrocket - effectively missing the boat,,ORRRR

    is it worse to hold you stock and watch it go down, only to see it return a few weeks later back to where you started,,

    My 2 cents -- IT"S FAR WORSE TO MISS THE BOAT!

    That's money LOST FOREVER that you have no opportnuinty to recover,,,That is why I believe it's best to take a buy and hold philosophy and add whenever you see dips,, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU BELIVE IN THE COMPANY and it POTENTIAL,,

    The more people who realize this - the more shares get locked up off the retail float and the MORE THE MANIPULATORS hate it,, because they cannot panic these strong positions,,That is what we are seing now -- ANY LARGE DROPS ARE PHONEY being created by Manipulation of a few amoungst themselves,, WE FEAR NO DROP!! It's not going to shake our resolve,,

    Sorry Shorts - No SOUP FOR YOU!
    - adios amigos!!

    NOT GETTING MY SHARES - NOR are you getting any of the shares of many of us here,,, we're on to you --


    Al The Profit

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    • Don't miss the Boat-Newbies!
      Don't day trade this -you will regret it.
      IMO-About to "Take Off"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Good advice

    • Buy and hold

    • <be sure you know when to take the money and run, as we are still in for an economic downfall>

      Well, I think its all about the FED right now. End of April is the end of the QE2, with no QE3 on the way (although I can see them doing it if the market doesnt hold). Last Aug I was short the market and did not realize the FED was dropping so much into it. So I lost a bit "fighting the FED"...and once they came clean with what they were doing, I shifted gears, and you can see the market never looked back.

      But once the FED stops, I feel the market will come to a screeching hault. Everyone knows we cannot do this without them domping the money into it. Yes, there is a lot more money floating around out there, but its the people who dont have it. Only the things the gov can fudge (ie; wall st, jobs,...) are doing good, but all the rest are horrible. Housing, real unemployment, forclosures....with gas prices and food prices continuing to go up, and inflation on the horizon, I feel that we are being set up for the motherload of crashes ever. I just feel bad that as ACTC is starting to gain a foothold, the market will start to crash around it....and we will never see the full potential of what could have been (not the science, but market impact).

    • I am the "little man in the boat" and will not miss it.

    • More wrong predictions daniel.... How's that .13 prediction going for you? You're not too far off!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Better stick to trading some bubble game with the kids on your corner.

    • Ah the one man bash machine is online today. School must be out early. Actually I guess they let the special needs out earlier, and we all know you are special for sure Limp willie.

      Congrats on having over 800 post with not one prediction to your name. It must take a real trader to make that kind of statement. ;)

      This will be my only post for you on this topic willie as I do not want to enable your disease.

    • Exactly such as spacecake and daniel. These two can't even trade baseball cards but come on here thinking they are professionals!! They make a prediction and it's wrong and then come up and change their prediction and say it's right!! Two loads!

    • Its just funny when you read some of these posts. Some of these guys talk like they are big wall st traders, then you find out they only have invested $1000 or so, and have no real clue on how the market works. Drives me nuts.....

    • Delusions are free, but one shouldn't make a pig of themselves. Save some crazy for everyone else.

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