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  • notthatflop notthatflop Apr 22, 2011 2:38 PM Flag

    Employee head count - did you notice?

    well, reading some of your last posts, I moved you out of my must be a paid basher to the fence. You put a lot of thoughts into those posts.

    If you read some of the stuff I wrote, when not just getting frustrated with some folks here, I believe that this is gamble, as all biotech entry level firms are. I think given what happened over last year it is a good gamble (no need to restate all the reasons why).

    I wouldn't put my life savings into this, and believe in having money in different areas.

    You wrote about playing the price, or something along those lines. I look at it this way, when we crashed and folks panic sold, they did not ride up with the market on their investments. I don't mind static or be-bopping for a while. I'm willing to gamble on this, and agree with the Al the profit fellow. I'd rather not be surprised and on the side lines. I'm also cool with a set back, and just wait for a while.

    Given the, so far, positive Geron news on their patient TJ, and the animal studies, in my opinion, we have a very good chance at good results. I'm sure that this firm, being only the second one granted to do human trials DOES NOT want to screw this up (think about what type of set back that could be to this lightning rod industry). There is a lot at stake here, and I prefer slow, careful, deliberate to rushing this to get a news release out.

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    • Appreciate that as I am not a basher at all man.

      I have owned ACTC, CTIC, GENRON, ASTM, all in the past and I have sold them all. I sold both ACTC and CTIC making money and speculating a price drop again. Still not where I need it to be.

      My reasoning is because I have owned both GENRON and ASTM and watched the bottom fall out of them both and I sold for a small loss there and bought into a dividend I had been waiting for.

      Likewise though. I advised someone of ASTM because of its potential at 1.65 and it ran into the 4's not too long ago very fast. I did not have the money because I had already invested in some other stocks. Sirius being one and AGEON being another, each of which I sold for profit and reinvestment opportunities getting me into ACTC and CTIC.

      I still own STEM and I am stuck there because of bad news of the patten.

      If I look like a basher because a few of these pin heads are good at making people look that way im sorry but I have resolved this week to try and make my statements baised on facts and questions insteed of bandwaggon post of fear. I will not jump on board a pumper or a basher post unless I feel it has merit. One reason I have for waiting to .15 is I have yet saved enough buy back the amount of shares I would like because I am invested in a divy stock I am staying in as a long term investment for solid return on my money. The stock is down and yes CIM is the stock I have but I am not down in it and before Willie has a chance to bash me and say I called it at 4.13 and was wrong I would like to remind him that my call was baised on knowledge of factual information reguarding price drop as it pertains to dividend payments every offering, and I would also like to point out that the CEO of the company bought at 4.18. Not sold but bought. He and his band of bashtards have done a good job at hiding post I make going into detail explination. They will have to log on all their accounts and 1star every post I make from now on because it will have fact after fact in it and eventually I hope the table will turn on them and everyone will see them for what they really are or they will realize I am not here against them at all. I have left it as their choice. There are plenty of other people on here as I have seen more worthy of their name calling and bashing than me.