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  • dyooperya dyooperya Apr 26, 2011 8:55 PM Flag

    Rollint, can you tell me

    Why you think the chart shows a down turn?
    Looks just fine to me. Just waiting on news and the sto showing some upturn.........

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    • Ya, I'm tired of your bs too.........Your past posts tell the story, as most other bs'er here do.....

    • you are a waste of space....senseless happy go lucky pumper. I don't wish the stock to drop, when did I state I want that to happen? You don't believe me, whatever. On ignore you go, like the garbage rollin and tommy and the rest of the crew.

      Did you even bother to see why I got interested in this back in August? Did you even see what was released in news back then to catch my attention? By your post, I would say no. Do you think I buy/sell by what is written here? if you do, you are in need of help. This is entertainment. I get my info in other places. Great place to bull.shyte around, and I do believe we need news...oh...I guess that makes me evil basher...oh no.....You think I wouldn't do backflips if people saw and invested in the potential of the firm? Why do you think I always list myself as a "buy" with my posts, because I am bashing? I thought I could have an intelligent discourse with you, I was wrong. Entertainment it is, but as far as having good dialogue, not so much.

      Why not anwer my question about August? I'm not lying or being evasive. I'm not a "genius" and bought this at .4/.5 and just KNEW this was going up. It was a pure speculation. I bought more on dips, and yes, a ton on the Caldwell news. That was after I became convinced that this has potential. Right now, this is all about potential. We still need results. PERIOD. Results, which are likely. Do you ever think about another nutjob like "w" getting into office and what that would mean for this firm. Do they have to move to Europe or Asia to escape the fundamentel christians and their views on 'life'? THINK. A lot is in the air. Go ahead and pump to all you want, a lot of moving pieces. Why do you not acknowledge me stating if I'm wrong, I'll tip my hat to you? Do you not think I'd rather have you right than my pessimistic side? Right now, tired of you.

    • Look kid, you have a new id and you're a poor lyer.......

      Um, gee, I don't think this here stock is going to move till fall. Cause they will have results then........Do you really think ACTC is not going to move up/down till fall??? No, of course not, you hope it dips to .125 like it did before the rise to .22
      Hey, it might, I got cash if it does. But, I'm not going to post that I don't think with all the potential news, thats it not going to move till fall. Or move up on the start of trials. Course you weren't here in Nov for the fda approval on smd (at least according to your posts and you are a prolific poster) Now, get lost, or go back to being joe, tarp or parsonsjr............

    • where am I misleading, according to you. You make baseless accusations against me. Is it because I do not share your viewpoint. Why is it so hard to believe I bought last year. If you reasearch and see the news around the time, it peeked my interest.

      You are obviously not able to carry a conversation. You accuse me of lying, for what? Because I don't share your opinion of posts such as; "shares will be $1 tomorrow"? Screw you. I'm cool with waiting on this. And to answer the question on the trucking firm. Played it three times for money, yes a play, never a long term hold. And yes, bought when Caldwell died too, like mad, saw it as a massive buy opportunity based on panic selling.

      Again, where am I misleading. Are you an "old fool" who doesn't read the whole post? I actually pulled up my Scottrade account to see, hummm....when did I start looking into this firm. Obviously, no intelligent discourse with you.

    • Why is it so many young posters, feel they have to be misleading on a MB?

    • Finally, if you are calling me a liar. Go take a long walk off of a short pier you shameless promoting pumper. Why would I lie about when I got into this. I offered dialogue regarding possible movement, and my thoughts behind it. You disagree, big deal.

    • is this directed at me? Me buying and posting on this due to boredom are two seperate and non-connected events. I don't have to justify myself to you. I bought this at .08 cents, and am holding it. I have not paid a lot of attention to these boards. I don't care if you believe me or not. I'm not stating I bought this at 4 or 5 cents like geniuses who just knew this was turning. I bought on the potential when news came out - YES - in August last year. Why not check to see what news was reported, and then you can see....hummm....yes...makes sense that interest was created in this. I keep my eyes open for new plays.

    • Get lost ya lying dip chit.........(is that you capt joe??)

    • ha...had to research that question. August last year. Mostly boredom of why posting. I usually get in / out of stock. I decided to accumulate this one though. Again, not trying to pick a fight with you. I do think there are too many shares outstanding, funding issues, etc., that will have to be addressed. I think they will over the long run.

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