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    • Your post was a good way to start the day...thanks

    • 'And yes, if there are any PHDs around who will tell me that something can still go wrong... I agree.'

      I have a PhD is BS Management is it OK if I tell U what I think? HAHA The TITLE to the article IS CLASSIC and STRAIGHTFORWARD. WITHOUT going into Xcrutiating detail on MY propensity to GAMBLE and my various "strategies" HAHAHAHA the piece itself is well written. I have NO idea what other CONTEXT Xists on that "site" and NEVER will know UNTIL the FOUNDER in the name of FULL disclosure "PUTS :)" A NAME BEHIND IT for the investor community to VET. WHY hasn't that happened? I am NOT concerned FOR myself for OBVIOUS REASONS. ON the other HAND from a purely BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE THE HONEST & FAIR (HAHA) thing to do is OPERATE IN FULL DISCLOSE considering THE "social media" aspect to the SITE. Makes sense right? HAVING said that MICKUNAS has DONE A FING great JOB & I am ALWAYS glad to see his name mentioned.
      The comment 'Of course, I know that anything can go wrong!' was backed up nicely with some FACTS. BY the way this morning MY drink of choice wad the CORPSE REVIVER No.2. U should TRY it CEASAR. SINCE UR name IS CEASAR I recommend the NEXT time UR in VEGAS HEAD over to CP and partake of the KING RICHARDS PRIDE at the FORUM shops. TRY not to take a gold DIGGER there that night. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA WHERE IS FEED? COME OUT of the CLOSET BUDDY and GLTU. HAHAHAHA