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  • johnnyv83 johnnyv83 May 19, 2011 11:34 AM Flag

    Reverse Split

    It's obvious with a billion shares outstanding. ACTC needs to do at least 2:1 to increase their liquidity and prepare to move off the OB. It will also kill the float and stop MM's from large run ups. I know this post will get a lot of criticism, but think about it. A split now would push the stock up to .50 cents. I know everyone wants to get in cheap or have the shares drop to add. With months ahead all you'll see is less than 3%, + or - in the shares value. If you wish to debate this logically please do so, otherwise keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

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    • It's obvious that after the success of the trials there will have to be a new authorization of shares because frankly a billion and a half will not be enough to quench the appetite that will be there. The demand will astound nearly everyone who reads this board. If I can recall in 2010 I believe I posted that this was a 3 to 5 year investment. I think I'm going to be dead on.

    • This is not the right time for ACTC to do a reverse split. Management needs to make sure that the stock will hold its price after the reverse split and I am not sure that that would happen at this time.

    • you're an idiot. This is why you are a tiny investor - just leave the financial doings to the big boys - sit back and reap the benefits from this stock - but quit with the simpleton reasoning.

    • The reverse split thinking, for all the valid financial related considerations recited by multiple parties, is on hold until the preliminary trial results are in at Summer end. This will allow for a better planning of such an event, and not unduly harm the long term investor/believer in ACTC. This belief is supported by the recent Proxy that had no request for shareholders to provide management with approval for any type of reverse split. Let's hold on for now. Trading volume is low due to many parties on the sidelines waiting for more tangible proof, the human trials.

    • Given the liquidity of this stock as is, the stock share should be .346 not .20. It is the MM that hold this stock back. Which is why I am for a reverse split. It takes away the float and keep MM's from manipulating the stock in small .5% + or - daily.

    • "...keep your negative thoughts to yourself" So true basher!

    • .50 cents won,t do it. We need to wait for news from clinical trials before anything else.

    • Rabin said no reverse split. Please go away with you yet another new ID. On ignore...

    • AS If!!!!!! you are a total idiot to even think that a reverse split is a good or logical idea. 1 year ago when they were still ??? or desperate yes but now when they are on the verge of changing modern medical science... It only seems a paid basher would continue to bring this insane idea up time and time again...How long have you been in this stock about a month I suspect??? THESE ARE NOT NEGATIVE THOUGHT BOZO BUT THE IDEA OF GIVING EVERY OTHER SHARE OF WHAT YOU PAID FOR AWAY . NOWS THAT IS PRETTY NEGATIVE THINKING IF YOU ASK ME. Especially when most reverse splits are used to save a company in dire need. Lets discuss.

    • I think that that is why management have even discussed this possibility but I think that if the split were to occur it would still be seen in a negative light. This stock has already faced so much adversity I don't think an RS is the way to go.

      With each success this company has we will be that much more profitable to a big pharma. This will bring in the big dollars even if no merger was to occur. when and if we go to market in the other countries the float will be a boat that sailed long ago...

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