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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Nov 3, 2011 9:04 PM Flag


    I've read all about the lawsuits and asking for more authorized shares etc but has anyone ever given a thought to CHA Biotech here. Have they injected any patients? If so was it successful? Will they or ACTC reveal what has happened, if anything. Unless you can follow CHA like we do with ACTC there could be news that would be very favorable. We just don't know. They could be a real factor here and we are all clueless except of course Dr. Lanza. You can bet he knows constantly what is going on there. Just curious nothing more.

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    • CHA, cha chaed out of here. AMD to waltz away soon. LOL

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      • First of all, they are LICENSEES.

        So, as with most licensees, the fact is, no matter what crazy stuff they write in Korea, they will prefer to use our results to get past certain hurdles so that it will cost them less to get to the stage that they can use the cells here. Like most companies like this, they are cheap. Maybe I'm wrong, but there is no implication of any issue in Korea other than that, as Gary indicated in one of his press releases, they just don't really yet have themselves organized yet in Korea to do any trials. They did not even have the cells they needed or the processes set-up to proceed with the trials in Korea. So, given the strategy with AMD in London, that they will leverage our safety trials - I'd expect similar circumstances in Korea. No one likes to spend money if they don't have to do so.

    • Lanza is being courted by many greedy factions. BIG PHARMA being at the top of the list. They know Lanza is the visionary of cellular science. They have to stay in the background at this juncture because of political lines. BP pays both sides of the fence. They have the liberals fighting their drug approval battles and while they look to firm up relations with preventive medicine pioneers as Lanaza to “be in the money” for the next big scientific eruption.