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  • venanzo1915 venanzo1915 Nov 30, 2011 11:30 PM Flag

    The Positve Side - Recap

    Just to recap some of the positive things about ACT.....

    Gary R. mentioned that ACT is very excited about the trial results and information will be released w/highest scientific standard and a General Media Plan. We have the opportunity to make medical history and will not take shortcuts. Will announce as soon as possible.

    Gary R. responded that The outside date of Clinical Results Announcement: Highly coordinated strategy that involves both scientific and general media dissemination of this information about the patients that is very personal & detailed and hands on and we feel that this is the best way from both a scientific and shareholder perspective to disseminate and legitimze this information. We have been working through this process for 6-8 weeks (that was mentioned beginning Nove) and we are getting down the the home stretch. (which means we should be hearing news very soon).

    It was mentioned that ACT will be adding some new board members and said the shareholders would be very pleased with their choices.


    I would like to say that there are so many positive things going on....the potential China JV, the fact that the patients want their other eye injected; the blood and heart projects, the many many patents; ACT has the only FDA approved clinical trial...They are working on having trials in Europe and Asia and don't damage the embryo!!!

    Part of an article from Retina Today, March 2011: animals, injection of hESC-derived RPE cells resulted in 100% improvement in visual performance over control animals and extensive rescue of photoreceptors. In untreated control animals, the outer nuclear layer of photoreceptors was approximately one cell deep at 100 days after injection. In the treated animals, that layer was five to seven cells deep at that time point. In a mouse model of Stargardt disease, the RPE cell treatment resulted in near-normal visual function for the 2 to 3 months that the animals were observed.

    Keep your eye on the ball. It's just a matter of time.....

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