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  • biosectinvestor biosectinvestor Jan 8, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    When You Have More Information Than The Media

    When you do your own due diligence to the point that you know that the mainstream media is making a ghastly mistake in misreporting on a subject, you know you're either, completely wrong or FAR AHEAD OF THE CURVE.

    Personally, I'll take the risk that I'm far ahead of the curve, in this context. 60 minutes, is, for anyone who reads science journals, clearly incorrect and their "expert" apparently is not that much of an expert when it comes to current technologies or may have an interest in saying what he said, and they didn't vet him well enough.

    As evidence of WHEN the media is wrong, one only has to look back at the way the media reported the issues leading up to the Iraq War and the financial crisis, when there were plenty of researchers and even government agencies saying enough to make a reasonable person quite knowledgeable. The media says what their advertisers want them to say, and what is least likely to result in controversy for their own business.

    To be a good investor, one has to delve deeper, do one's own research, and rely on your own ability to find even more reliable information than the mainstream market is aware of...

    For instance, to this day, the New York Time's article reporting on that famous case from last year, the Sherley case, subjecting stem cell funding to a temporary injunction, said that the ruling made stem cell research "illegal". No number of emails to them corrected that misinformation. Facts did not correct that misinformation. They were sure, I'm guessing, that they got that right because some "expert" on their staff - said that they had gotten it right.

    But the New York Times wasn't right.

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