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  • brooklynj36 brooklynj36 Apr 3, 2012 2:57 PM Flag

    it will be sub .10 until the RS...

    There is NO WAY that either side will budge here...GR and crew are not going to release ANY positive news until after the split and the BB market makers aer never going to let it run as they want in at as low a SP as is possible...Looks like the low .08's seems to be a bottom...We will be here until the summer when the RS takes place. I think naked shorts have to cover when the do the symbol change so look for a spike right before then...IF you really believe in thsi thing, its a screaming buy anywhere under .10...

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    • Well no, Brooklyn, a couple cents off the price makes little difference.
      Longs are going to be washed out (weak hands) by the R/S, and insiders will issue themselves new subscription rights so they don't care. That is the price to longs of giving this to the institutional et al, investors by raising the shareprice by a head fake. What will happen then is that the shorts will have a bonanza running this right back down again to where it is today. So, even for a dime, you will end up with a small fraction of the shares you would buy today....for a dime. This is SOP, check it out, that's the way these reverse spits go 90% of the time. Ther is nothing here to suggest otherwise. IMHO.

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      • The pumpers won't mention and underestimate the power of the retail longs. They alone will ensure that actc goes sub par on the nasdaq. Also, there's no guarantee that actc makes it to the nasdaq, because it must maintain $4 per share for ninety days before the uplisting.

        So, the R/S, then 90 days of manipulation on the otc, where does that leave the share price?

        News matters not, unless it's a huge JV, one which Rabin says is not possible, and won't happen so early in phase I.

        All other trial news will be positive, and come as a package, which will bost pps for one, two trading sessions at most (like in January), then the dumping begins again.

        OTC - dumping and dilution, Nasdaq = dumping, dilution, AND retail shorting IMO

    • GR has no news just hot air.