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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding Apr 26, 2012 2:55 PM Flag

    A little reality

    If and when our RPE program becomes available in the market place. Certainly it will erupt a whole new firestorm of controversy regarding payment.Let's take a look at AMD for example. Most afflicted are of Medicare age. Besides the question of cost to care for these patients without the procedure vs the procedure. The political backlash of funding is an issue regardless. It will basically be available only to the ultra-rich IMO. Sure these things will shake out over TIME. But I for one frankly have heard a 30 billion dollar market one too many times.

    pops on breakthroughs could happen at anytime. However, if you are waiting to make a buck on profit your hair will gray as if you just finished a four year presidential term. In which time one can only expect what one has come to know which is dilution and law suits.

    surely the 30 B pool will be narrowed as well by those whose Bruch's integrety has been comprimised greatly.

    They have shown that they can raise capital, Ha yeah we know

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