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  • mothertheresa66 mothertheresa66 May 10, 2012 8:01 AM Flag

    I found the stalker BEARECLAWE .....

    now everybody knows BEARECLAWE the stalker .....



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    • "MOTHER is giving everyone a WARNING !
      This is the last time I will warn everyone by one against individuals who post on this MB for SLANDER,DEFAMATION,etc ...... This !! I repeat !! Is not a joke !! And it was not a joke when I posted time and time again ....I am , and will , be watching ! Welcome to the age of the internet !! MOTHER" mothertheresa66, 21-Mar-12 06:10 pm

      The very thing(s) you accuse me of doing... YOU yourself practice without impunity.

      Yeah, you've brought reproach upon yourself, catholicism, and the god(s) you worship. Hypocrite!!!

      : )

    • < now everybody knows..... LOTSA LOVE MOTHER >

      Who's stalking whom, hypocritical armchair christian stalker AND unconscionable, conjecture-based ACT pumper?

      "Question for the Message Board ....
      How did this all start ? Why am I watching and reporting Terms of Service Violations ? I have not violated any TOS ! .... Also obscene posts by many .... you know who you are ! Pumper and basher lies also !! .... THY LORD has commanded me to watch , read, observe , and report violators ! Please be polite , honest, and civil...." mothertheresa66, 16-Mar-12 07:37 pm

      Re: Everything I have learned from Jnichols and his friends.
      "u can kiss MR Nicks balls he likes his balls kissed so sorry MUDDER meant licked just like he makes his dog lick em MUDDER :) :) smiles !!" mothertheresa66, 21-Mar-12 02:27 pm

      Re: Are there really this many posters/id's bashing...??
      "Who is bashing? Who is pumping? I have done? NEITHER" mothertheresa66, 21-Mar-12 12:14 pm

      "MOTHER says? 9 sense better than 0 sense... so MOTHER is loading up the truck tomorrow... next stop?
      JUPITER and beyond ........SKY is the LIMIT at this price and if do not buy? You will get SHUT OUT !!..." mothertheresa66, 21-Mar-12 04:35 pm

      "hey BEARECLAWE? Want a piece of me loser?
      LOTSA LOVE !! MOTHER... PS: ACTC is a STRONG BUY!!" mothertheresa66, 30-Apr-12 02:05 pm

      Re: I boned Mr T
      "... not care about your sexual orientation .... THE LORD , like MOTHER , LOVES everyone unconditionally !! LOTSA LOVE MOTHER" mothertheresa66, 21-Mar-12 01:08 am

      : ) Define 'unconditionally.'

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      • More facts about 'SAINTED ONES' .......

        Re: Clinical trials? Heres proof you pumpers are liars!
        "THY LORD : CREATED LIFE ... YOUR COMPUTER , CELL PHONE, TRUCK , etc ? is not LIFE !! NOBODY CAN RE-CREATE THE WISHES OF THE LORD ... Thus? ACTC and others will fail ........ THE LORD created the WORM ..... chop the worm into 5 pieces? Guess what? The worm is reborn ... Chop of the tail of a snake? Tail regenerates ... a human loses its eyes, toes, arms, etc .... NO REGENERATION .. Why is this? ONLY THE LORD and SAINTED ONES like myself know .... MOTHER" mothertheresa66, 15-May-11 04:38 pm

        Re: Lets see, our CEO is a Jewish hedge manager
        "I am a CATHOLIC ! Are you going to berate and threaten me because I am a CATHOLIC? Well? Mother" mothertheresa, 12-Mar-12 07:12 pm

        : ) You've brought reproach upon yourself, catholicism, and the god(s) you worship. Report yourself, hypocrite!!!