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    • Concise and to the point. Well said.

      There is a tendency to twist this all up into some sort of ongoing conspiracy for profit. I think that likely advances the interests of current litigants against the company, and people should be careful to read the complaints directly, and not the online allegations. People have interests for posting different things on the various boards, that are not always clear.

      I am a holder of shares, and continue to be one. I do so because of the scientific and commercial opportunities of the technollogy and patents.

      This side show of dramas, is unfortunate, but it basically means, that the fog causes the market to discount the value of shares quite substantially. Clearly there are some who, daily, cheer this result. The challenge for management and the board is to address this context with the best and most professional strategy available, to dispel the notion that this is an ongoing problem. I don't think it is, but there are those who do, and will unfortunately, use this, to say so.

      A two pronged legal and communication strategy is therefore appropriate. The strategy should place the interests of the company and all shareholders above all other considerations.

    • Hmw, good post!
      Its too bad the SEC dosen't go after the big boys on WS, for the hugh frauds they indulge in daily. I guess when you're big enough you can bribe most anyone, including government regulators.