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  • 69000 jobs in may. we need a change a the top. maybe a business man not a professor. what a joke

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    • trickle down....yeah pretty sad ...ya think romney has a golden shower???

    • We need Nukem McCain & Air-Head Palin in there-- Oh yea they would straighten things out -- or we could elect Romney & join his mormon cult. Yea that would work!

    • There is an odd disconnect right now. People talking about how this is like fall 2008 but I don't see it. Getting around at least here in the northeast I see stores crowded, lots of traffic and hotels filled. Part of our problem is that there is so much doom and gloom right now. Both parties are pathetic. Obama seems unable to inspire and the Republicans are focused on nothing else but getting him out of office. Some idiots think that all that is needed is for a republican to get into office. Wrong. I am not a big fan of Reagan but one thing he did do was give the country some good cheer leading. That is not insignificant. Too much selfish stupidity around. Everyone is going to have to give up a little to get back a lot. Like a classroom of kids blaming each other when something bad happens. Neither party has adult leadership right now and it looks like they would not tolerate it even if it did show up.

    • Bring back Bush2, we need a village idiot!

    • Remember G-Bushman's tax cut to the wealthy. It was guised to create jobs! Been in effect for ten yrs and still counting, where are those jobs?

    • <<69000 jobs in may. we need a change a the top. maybe a business man not a professor. what a joke>>

      Bige, the joke is that you have not a clue on what caused this economic downturn we're in.
      Clue: It wasn't President Obama, it was under your dearly beloved repubs, with their damaging wrong headed trickle down theories, which has not worked and will never work, because it only benefits the top 1%, and their deregulation mantra which created a housing bubble, that finally burst in 2008, bringing down, not just our economy, but the entire world's economy. And this is the historical fact, JACK!
      A example of just how out of touch and ignorant the right-wings repubs are; Santorum blamed the 2008 economic collapse on gas & oil prices, and GW blamed it on Fannie May & freddie Mac, which just goes to show that if you haven't a clue what caused the economic downturn, you have no chance in hell of fixing it, which the repubs didn't, instead they left their mess for the dems to fix once more, just like what happened in 1929.

    • It's outrageous that the GOP in Congress has sabotaged efforts to fix the nation's problems, simply to get back the White House. It's a sectional interest, effectively committing treason for their own power interests.

      It's really disgusting.

      The employment picture is not about Obama, it is about the original problem, created by Bush & Co., and then the global asymmetries that were created because of that decade of insanity under complete GOP rule, that led to the EURO, wrongly, being seen as an alternative to the dollar, and then the Chinese economy going berserk because of teh crash Bush & Co... engineered by pushing everything to the edge - cutting taxes, spending on unnecessary massive wars, etc.

      The GOP will continue to ruin this natino until Americans wake up and take back the country from these commercial interests who pander to and deceive people who are predisposed to being self-interested and ignorant to the maximum estet.

    • Hope for a change, lol