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    Our political system OT


    Just bought a trailer for someone to help. The couple stayed one week in a motel , because the trailer was not comfortable enough yet , the air was not working. I not even use air right now, the temp is 80 degrees during the day.
    they paid 70 $ a night.

    This is wrong with our political system, nothing else , and YES this is wrong with me too. I should not help those people.

    But yesterday I put my foot down. They are sleeping in the trailer tonight, or no more help.

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    • STFU now, you imbecile, can't you even read. You're making up crap-go BS yourself.

    • East Africa may not be as poor as you think in a few years. Tullow, and one of my stocks, AOIFF (AOI.V), recently found large amounts of oil in Uganda and huge amounts in neighboring Kenya. Some call the region the next Saudi Arabia. You are confusing middle-class (and upper middle-class) with the super rich. And, not all super rich are super greedy monopolists, as Buffett shows that he understands the problems of the general population (although there are limits like has he ever funded biotech's like ACTC?) An Kenya birth certificate may not be looked down upon by some of the super rich like now, when people from there with their oil fields start to show up with trucks full of gold to buy high priced condos LOL. As Eastwood famously said, a man must know his place, and there is a difference between the middle-class and the super wealthy and powerful. That's all can be said. If you think being a nurse, cop, or owner of a single pool is being super rich and powerful, then futher discussion is a waste of time.

    • Whatever that means-enough! Charity doesn't know economics-My neighbor's kid (in Harvard) is going to Uganda next week. I'm scared for her. Brooklyn College valedictorian-love to help but, really didn't like pulling teeth in Africa this year. There's Porches here (in Midwood) w/VAS plates and proud stories of how they saved someone the night before. Thanksgiving dinner late every year so my son could volunteer at a soup kitchen. Forget about the blood bank-they call once a month. Should I go on?

    • In my definition of the super rich "kid" they would not be attending Pace College. The super rich's kids would be at least in NYU, Walton, Harvard, Standford and the like. Like in the "Prince and the Pauper" the poor did not know what the really rich lived like until the roles were switched. Having is a pool is not being super rich. Having many many pools is a different story. There is a difference between middle-class (and even upper middle-class) and the really rich (ie. the rich and powerful.)

    • Are you trying to be contrary-I said the "rich" kids at Pace. And they're not even that rich. Stop now!

    • Well if you consider a nurse, or a cop being "rich kids" than you and mine definition of a rich kid is different. I would consider them to be middle-class and not the "rich" nor the "super-rich". In the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession, support of the hospitals and the government workers have been cut back in many cities. A local Catholic hospital closed down in the last year or two. The mayor has been trying to cut city government workers by closing down some fire stations. On Long Island, some county is trying to close down some police stations. The middle-class is under pressure in this economic downturn, and austerity will hit the middle-class even harder. The super rich kids love to buy up valuables pennies on the dollar during depressions from the unfortunates. In the 1929 Great Depression, many super rich got even more super rich, as their money bought on the cheap from the unfortunate masses.

    • Unless if you benefit from govt. sponsored economic terrorism. Look no further than europe for example. Just a few weeks in power, the new french socialist president, Mr. Hollande, rolled back the retirenent age from 62 to 60, and you wonder why europe is in a financial straight jacket.

      Our very own American financial straight jacket is being manufactured right now, and may be ready on November 7, 2012, if we are not careful.. I am constipated, but independent.

    • You live in NYC and sound like that-you met the wrong people, the "rich" kids from Pace were pulling in the hurt and dazed, provided cots and water and aid-they are an official emergency stop now because of their selfless efforts. My sis was one of the nurses waiting for patients that never arrived, my bro is a cop. Heck even my Pak deli guy fed people all night who couldn't get home. Don't lecture me.

    • Is this hope n'change working? or hope for change to work if the foot is lifted. Please don't put your foot down again because you choke the throat of progress. I am constipated.

    • I said that I was not at Katrina. The Towers? What the point? I was a few blocks from the site after getting out of the subway after the two impacts. My nephew just got out of the subway to the street level under the tower when the second plane hit. My distance cousin's husband was in the towel hit, and he died in the towel. At the foot of the bridge, I asked drivers waiting there to get on the bridge to give me a lift over the bridge, as I am an old person. The first driver refused. The second driver of an old van welcomed me on. Part way up the bridge, a truck in front stopped to pick up people, who were pooping out walking up the bridge in the relatively hot day. The van driver could not see what was happening on the driver side, and he ask why the truck in front was stopped. After I told him that the truck in front was picking up people who were pooping out, the van driver ask me to wave people who need a lift into get in his van too. I remembered that several years before that during a over 100F degree hot summer transit strike, I stopped at the tunnel entrance after people standing there wave at me for a ride, even though many other cars ignored these people, who were office worker trying to get home after work, one of which was an old lady. I hope to imaging even a cold hearted conservative would lend a helping hand in dire situations, if the rich kids can understand the dire situations by getting out there and experience the situations first hand with an open mind, instead of mouthing some crazy free-market dogma, like the conservatives did with the Lehman situation triggering off the 2008 Great Recession.

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