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  • njdanny69 njdanny69 Jul 24, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

    Where is the accountability??

    Even though the NRA is a group of paranoid freaks who think everyone is coming for their guns, they don't want you to focus on the politics of guns right now. No, they want you to pretend along with them that they are saddened by what has happened. THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS. They have the balls to say, "don't make this political" when EVERYTHING THEY DO IS POLITICAL. The GOP whimps in the HOUSE are afraid of them. The NRA will go out of it's way to trash anyone who even attempts to bring gun control up as a subject. The only reason they say we shouldn't make this political and that we should "mourn" is that they know with absolute certainty that in a few weeks no one will care again and the power behind the anti-gun sentiment will fade. Hey NRA, I want my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to NOT BE SHOT you f'n pieces of sh. People die but their guns live on along with all the new ones being made. NRA will do anything to get people to buy these new unneeded firearms. Hey Lapierre, go see any movies lately you gun ho...

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