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  • mike_oxfordmi mike_oxfordmi Jul 28, 2012 9:09 AM Flag

    YO Evil you still around

    What the heck has happened to this board, evil from detroit you still around, I was trading heavy couple years ago and remember you...Made a killing on stem this last week and half, and dipping back into actc...lots of good things coming for the whole sector. I see fighter is still punching away at the keys. :) be good to yourself,


    Oxford Mi

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    • yeah man, I'm here... I got kicked off... people were scared of my honesty I guess... so they reported my posts ..i think my last post may have had something to do with football LOL....but apparently you can talk politics until your blue in the face but the yahoo gods will strike you down for typin touchdown, I was gone for a bit but you can try to get out but THEY PULL YOU BACK IN

      so I had a post back in the day on the LTBR board...they were all screaming the sky was fallen and we gonna double dip....So I told super over there that my Indian name was Last Bull Standing ...I do believe that the Dow is up about 5000 points from that post

      anyway, peace and good look in the market...yeah I made some money on stem but only rode it 30% or so