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  • xclffer xclffer Jul 31, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    I think that fatty from Jersey

    would have a better chance and a lot of others do too. Move over Mitt the Twitt for fatty from Jersey

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    • Then he makes NJ taxpayers take it over. Why would a state want to take over a losing proposition? He talks out of both sides of his big mouth.

    • algernon9 Jul 31, 2012 4:12 PM Flag

      A lot of people really love a loud, arrogant, obnoxious fat man. Not so much on the school playground - but, after they grow up and learn to deal internally with his extraordinary obesity. Like Ralph Kramden - yelling at Alice - it never gets old. Insulting... berating... demeaning. Can't even take care of his own physical body - but, he's got an answer for you and you and you about absolutely everything under the sun.

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      • He was voted in-for his answers to the problems. Like Bam there's a tidal of crap coming at you 24/7-I'm not a fan but I never expected him to fix everything in four years against greedy foes. Remember TARP-exposure that should have been a deterrent-they're still robbing!

      • heeheeheehee so true...and he needed his limo to take him from the football field to yards away where OUR STATE helicopter was there to take him to a personal political meeting not related to NJ one bit. When he got caught, he said the taxpayer expense of footing the bill for his personal business was no big deal, as he paid the tab for that trip once caught. What a fake. No wonder the GOP CONS love him, he's one of them.

    • but the big bully turned into a big baby, like most of the GOP Cons when confronted, when someone said Christie liked to throw his weight around. Oh wahh wahh, I though we were going to have to change the world's biggest diaper after that !!!

    • Nah, they all got duped here in Jersey. All the folks in S. Jersey who look like Christie voted for him believing the lies he told. Well, he's in there and our property values have dropped 25 percent yet we still write the same property tax check we wrote before he got in. So that's a 25 percent property tax increase. Then he took money set aside to create jobs when the new tunnel was built, and spent it to pay off a transportation tax normally derived from a gas tax increase. Now we have no tunnel jobs and no tunnel to smooth out train traffic. Additionally, those of us who use public transportation got knocked on our butts when he increased public trans, busses, trains etc by 25 PERCENT. That's a HUGE increase. Christie supported 5 nominees in the last election, all but one lost, and the one that won had been a long time favorite. Nobody is buying that Christie hype anymore, the guy is a big classless bully who has no couth whatsoever.

    • Yeah, I still believe they may yet drop Romney and go with Christie.