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  • lastbullstanding lastbullstanding Aug 5, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    late sunday coffee

    so here we are dudes far as I concerned trials are movin right along.....ACTC had been saying IND hemanioblast in 2012...yeah yeah forward lookin statement...but a PR on platelet or something in unexpected in one of our other programs would be off the hizzy

    ya know we gotta get daht starength ting going do da bannana split

    the wife and kid went to a family reunion but I gotz me too much work to do and don't feel like spending my sunday with the Malteses Mafia Ha ha

    the Tigers about to sweep the Indians makes my trip to Cleveland next weekend for the reggaefest even sweeter mon...sleeping in Packy's tee pee on lake Erie

    Are you ready for some football...a sunday night partay... the Aint's vs the Cardinals ...of course I hope da LionZZZ beat Cleveland next Friday ..again makes da braggin rights better

    as far as stocks go I had bought CMI at 90 it was like 98ish and they lowered that guidance and she dipped below 90 I bought a little more... got me a sell in at 109 is strong... should retest 120 by year end but I take my 109 and be happy

    not in ASTM at moment but looking attractive at 1.86 ... easily rally up to 3 bones within a year

    microwavin a cup of joe and workin in da yard

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