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  • dojothegreat33 dojothegreat33 Sep 12, 2012 6:21 PM Flag

    Talk about manipulation


    the MM's are blatant!!

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    • true. But, the dynamics of the market maker trade force them to manipulate. Here is why:

      whenever you send an order to your broker, it is immediately sent down to the mm or specialist that is trusted to fill the orders for your firm. Typically, they are expected to fill those orders in seconds. Your broker does not care how the mm gets the trade done..he is simply expected to execute.

      so, this leaves the mm in an immediate "short" position. He has just sold shares that he did not own. When you order 100,000 shares, this guy needs to get them quick...well, most mm will not hold an inventory of shares because they like to stay flat the market. So, when he delivers your shares, he has just sold shares to your broker for , lets say....09 cents. Thus, he is short those shares.

      now, this guy needs to cover fact, all of those mm on Tuesday are sweating bullets to the tune of 15 million shares...and, imagine if gary released some blockbuster news. These guys would be fried. So, they help each other out on Wednesday.

      they jump around the bid/ask and do not fill limit orders. They MUST fill the market orders, but, the limit can sit there all day...perhaps they throw a piece or two at it, but, it can sit.

      and, as it sits people become impatient and sell to secure a nice profit from prior day/week.

      the mm will always manipulate the price until they are again in a flat position. Typically, we should see a huge Day 1...a flat to down Day 2 and then another rise on Day 3 as the larger traders have weeded out the retail trader by then.

      as I have posted before..the current share structure makes us perfect prey for the manipulation of pps. Once the r/s takes place and we get down to 50-60 million is gonna cause a squeeze. Gary knows the game well, obviously, but, his hands are tied right now.

      He knows that when the share structure is in place...any significant news will remove 5-10% of the float immediately. And, 5-10 press releases later...we have a very tight float in strong hands.

      The hedge fund vulture capitalists are going to get squeezed here, it is just a matter of time. I have strong suspicion that these guys would lend 1 million at a 38% discount...short the stock into oblivion and hope to never be forced to cover. They lose the 1M on the investment , but, they gain 38% or more on the short side as the hope is to get it to zero.

      These guys haD almost pulled it off at ACTC..they forced the company to dilute almost every share...they backed actc into a corner whereby more dilution would have triggered default remedies...they worked to bleed the company dry in court and they facilitated a massive naked short position, imo.

      But, one little thing happened to destroy the plan of the vulture capitalist......THE ACTC SCIENCE WORKS!!!


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