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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Sep 12, 2012 7:02 PM Flag

    How come the loony left isn't upset that Government Motors is moving much of its operations to China and on our dime?


    Where is the outrage? They constantly whine about outsourcing but I guess it's all right if the messiah sanctions the outsourcing and uses our tax dollars to do the outsourcing.


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    • So that I can understand this question, what is its definition of "much of its operations"? Also, from where are these operations being moved?

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    • Outsourcing and offshoring are not ok irrespective of who does it. They are primary tools for destroying the Middle Class and enriching the 1%.

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    • 7 out of every 10 cars produced by Govt Motors will be/are made in China!!!!!

      but to the libs this is OK, as long as Obama is doing it. If a Repub were doing it - all hell would be let loose!

      Such is the mental deformity of a lib....

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      • Romney was among the first to outsource jobs to China and did it in a big way through his Bain capital company. If you don't like outsourcing jobs you won't like Romney. Obama is pulling outsourced jobs back to the US with tax incentives but as usual, the republicans are trying to block his incentives to bring jobs home.

    • That is, in fact, a major factor. The Government is not only allowing the Corporations to move their operations to China and the like, it is giving them subsidies to do it even as they increase their profits and jettison American workers and jobs in America. But that is happening because the Corporations and the Billionaires have bought and now own the members of Congress and have Congress (as well as many in the Executive and Judicial branches) working for them and not working for the American people. Meanwhile the 1% indulge themselves in despicable fashion as they become monsters of greed as well as killers of jobs in America and dead to compassion or even the slightest concern for their fellow citizens.

      "Hooray for Cave 73 and everyone else can go to Hell."

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    • because they are hypocrites, duh......