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  • sosuaman sosuaman Sep 17, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

    Obama Cannot Stop :Lying

    But the libs are OK with this......

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    • when his lips are moving he is lying.....
      this is what America hating Marxxxists do.....:)

    • poll after poll and 'the better man' is the reason.
      "The Reuters/Ispos poll shows 48 percent choosing Obama and 41 percent picking Romney in the latest rolling poll taken on Thursday. The poll shows that President Barack Obama is widening his lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The election will be held on November 6."

      "A recent Fox News poll showed President Obama with a lead following the DNC, with a Obama-Biden leading Romney-Ryan ticket by 48 to 43 percent among likely voters. The Fox poll showed Obama with an increase in support from women as well as independents, with a 5-point bounce with women and a 12-point bounce with the all-important independent vote."

      "President Obama is also showing a growing lead in three swing states, according to the Washington Post. NBC News and the Wall Street Journal called the Marist polls shows Obama leading Mitt Romney by five points each in Florida and Virginia and by seven points in Ohio. It is generally accepted that if Obama wins just one of those three swing states, the path for victory for Mitt Romney diminishes greatly."