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  • lonesome_polecatt lonesome_polecatt Sep 20, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    I realize that when you baffle the loons with facts all it does is make their heads hurt.


    So I apologize for baffling them with facts about one of their favorite myths, "global warming" and giving them a massive headache.

    Their most favorite myth is that the messiah is really the messiah.

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    • I do hope you repubs just keep talking and proving your ignorance! Please keep talking!

    • Re: "...I apologize for baffling them with facts about one of their favorite myths, "global warming" and giving them a massive headache."

      Record-High Antarctic Sea Ice Levels Don't Disprove Global Warming
      Natalie Wolchover, 09/19/2012, Live Science

      Distracting from the news that Arctic sea-ice extent reached a record low on Sept.16 is a widely circulating blog article claiming that at the opposite end of the Earth, Antarctic sea ice is more than making up for the losses.

      In the post, climate change skeptic and blogger Steven Goddard states that Antarctic sea ice reached its highest level ever recorded for the 256th day of the calendar year on Sept. 12. He reasons that the Southern Hemisphere must be balancing the warming of the Northern Hemisphere by becoming colder (and thus, net global warming is zero). ……

      Despite its lack of scientific support, Goddard's post has garnered attention around the Web. ...
      But if anyone had asked an actual scientist, they would have learned that a good year for sea ice in the Antarctic in no way nullifies the precipitous drop in Arctic sea-ice levels year after year — or the mounds of other evidence indicating global warming is really happening.

      …. "Some of the skeptics say 'Well, everything is OK because the big changes in the Arctic are essentially balanced by what's happening in the Antarctic.' This is simply not true."

      Projections made from climate models all predict that global warming should impact Arctic sea ice first and most intensely, Serreze said. …..

      The Arctic, an ocean surrounded by land, responds much more directly to changes in air and sea-surface temperatures than Antarctica, Serreze explained. The climate of Antarctica, land surrounded by ocean, is governed much more by wind and ocean currents. ….

      "Another reason why the sea-ice extent in the Antarctic is remaining fairly high is the ozone hole," Serreze said "….cold air propagates down to the surface by influencing the atmospheric circulation in the Antarctic, and that keeps the sea ice extensive."

      ...In the coming decades, climate models suggest rising global temperatures will overwhelm the other influences and cause Antarctic sea ice to scale back, too.

      The extent of Arctic sea ice at its summertime low point has dropped 40 percent in the past three decades. The idea that a tiny Antarctic ice expansion makes up for this — that heat is merely shifting from the the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern and therefore global warming must not be happening — is "just nonsense," Serreze said.

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