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  • markfive37 markfive37 Oct 16, 2012 6:03 PM Flag


    Biden claims he played on the University of Delaware football team. He didn’t. He made the claim during a campaign stop in Ohio where they take football kind of serious, so the lie probably didn’t help his cause.

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    • Ooops! He did it again? Did he say he was the QB for the UD team when they won the superbowl or the shiet bowl? My crazy uncle tell these jokes at thanksgiving dinner, now he's taking himself seriously. Like Gov. Romney said, he has 5 boys...telling the same lie over and over and over again does not make it true, unless you are a koolaide drinking, MSLSD lie regurgitating toe tag lib.

      The confusion and final meltdown has begone. After the debate, the wheels fall off the bamabuggy...bwahahahahaha. Panic and full frontal desperation is now in bloom. Will madam Buba resign after falling on the messiah sword or will she get a stab in the back. This is a train wreck in slow mo. Get the popcorn, sit back and watch the REAL drama unfurl after the debate tonight.

      Pass the aripiprazole and industrial strength benzodiazepines, please, I am having a major nervous breakdown, my crazy uncle joe is embarrassing the family. He just gave Ohio on a platinum platter, to Gov. Romney, like if he needed help...bwahahahahaha