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  • keep_investing keep_investing Oct 18, 2012 6:14 PM Flag

    How about Tagg Romney wanting to punch out the President

    I dare him to try it! What a wimpy little coward he is to say that behind the Presidents back, hopefully on Monday night during the final debate Obama calls on him to repeat this statement to his face.

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    • Tagg? OH-KAYYYY. That just shows how removed from society the entire family is. NO ONE in public schools would EVER name their kid TAGGERT and then have a nickname TAGG. Remember how that racist 100 year old blowhard Congress man Strom Thurmon always called Barney Frank, Barney #$%$? The of course, in typical Republican hypocrisy fashion, we find out Strom Thurmon didn't like blacks, except to boff behind his wife's back. TAGG should be investigated like that guy who yelled "go F yourself Mr. Cheney" after Katrina. They sent their GOP goons out to interrogate that guy and this is no different. A threat is a threat.

    • Keep, you're getting desperate and about to panic. You are talking about a statesman, something the Democrats have very few within. No wonder you guys are class!

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    • Like father, like son. And where do they get these f'd up nicknames from. Mitt chased that poor kid around while he was in school, bullied him, pinned him down and cut off his hair. So is it much of a stretch that another coward comes out of the family. Everyone is strong when they've got their buds around, but few can do it alone. Tagg would go screaming like a schoolgirl the second a hand is lifted in his direction.

    • You're pathetic Keep, so this isn't plain vanilla crap!? Do you know what a fool you look like? So typical though, I can't say that I'm surprised. Dems have had this kind of double standard as long as I can remember.

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      • Theres, you really are a ideolog with a cognitive dissonance disorder, you lack the ability to decern fact from fiction, truth from lies, and reality from fairy tales. In other words, you're a pathetic right-wing boob, just taking up space in the world.

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      • The GOP CONS are all big bullies that turn into babies the second they get confronted. Look at Bush and Romney. Romney protested FOR the Vietnam War, FOR IT----but when it came time to put his non-taxed money where his mouth was, he split to France on a "get out of military cuz your a Mormon" card. Almost all the CONS are like this. War War War but they don't want to personally fight in any of them and they definitely don't want to pay for any of them. The CONS have been like this as long as THERE can remember....LOL

    • Sorry for all my typos, Keep...hit post too quickly. J..

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      • Joy, it's not about the typos, it's about your passion. Anyone with half a brain can figure out what you mean even with a few typos. The only ones who'll make an issue out of it are those that can't find anything wrong with with you say, just the typos. That's the MO of the GOP CONS here and in the general population. This coming from the set that propped up Bush, a total incomprehensible idiot as their hero for 8 years. They thought it was cool to be a #$%$ then, remember? A few typos are great!!!

    • Keep..., The whole lot -Romney - father Mitt, and sons are cowards who never served their/our country... They are from a class of prvelege and legacy - completely "out of touch". 'Given the American dream at birth. 'Bosses' with no empathy who never will know the plight of the middle class who actually pay their taxes - I am not one of the 13.8% tax bracket, are you? Romney nor any of his ilk are patriotic . They do not not pay their fair share of taxes. How can they say they are - or do they?

      Paying our taxes is the most patriotic duty we have at our present retired ages. Husband served in Korean War, family in WWII, WWI, Viet Nam, son in US Air Force under Reagan - secret duties in Pacific, gandson in U. S. Air Force PJ Rescue Special Forces werving now. Who are these people - GW Bush AWOL in Jamaica smoking and doing dope - Romney in France after demonstrating for the Viet Nam War - yet who went to France instead when many of his religion served? Yes, privelege, and legacy.. - one of the top .05% - some of the 400 wealthiest people in the US. Mitt is not his father who actually worked his way up. They are NOT for the middle class. We seem to alwayssacrifice our lives for them, bail them out as evedenced in the last adminsitration. Enough is enough!

      GLTAL for ACTC

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      • Joy, enough is enough that is for sure, and that includes the balderdash you and danny are putting out. My family also served including myself and my four brothers. The kind of talk I'm hearing from liberals just turns my stomach. How do you feel about the liberal Jane Fonda consorting with the enemy and betraying our POW's contributing to their torture? How do feel about self avowed communists being appointed to high government positions? We spent half of a cemtury in cold war with them and let me tell you, they are not our friends. People like you voting for BHO are enabling this and endangering our country. So don't talk down to the conservative right who has always been their for our country. We know the true record of the liberals in this regard.

        ps: Like thousands of other patriotic Americans, we also lost a family member in the Normandy Invasion.

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      • Joy, my father-n-law was on the ground in Korea for 2 1/2 years, that was a nasty ace war. Still won't talk about it. He is proud to have seved hid country though, unlike the momey grubbing contards.

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      • Joy - Mitt pays exactly what he legally owes in taxes so until the law changes that makes it FAIR. Just like the uber wealthy John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Warren Buffet The Pritzner family and many other Americans that I never hear you hypocrites raise a stink about. Did you know that when he was Governor of MA he didn't take a salary? I'm sure that you'll have stupid comment on that.

        As for serving in the military, do some checking into how Bill Clinton avoided the draft and the tortured explanation from Obama on why he didn't enlist although he wanted to - painful and I suspect a lie.

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    • Sons are there to protect their Fathers, even when they are lying to an entire country, it is what they should do. I do wonder if he ever thought, why is my Dad putting me in that place of having to protect him when he is a pathological liar?