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  • dickw3939 dickw3939 Oct 22, 2012 12:18 AM Flag

    What will four more years of Obama be like?

    You really don't want to know. It is now or never. Stand up for America and our Constitution. There are those who would tear our country down. Don't give them the chance.

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    • Thank you Dickw, I also have immense respect for you.

    • MSI, you must be kidding. It is the American people and their resilience that stopped the free fall. You are giving Pres. Obama credit he did not earn or deserve. His main focus was radically changing healthcare on a federal level, and to change the energy industry. He is shutting down the coal industry and he is anti oil. You can give any facts to support you pres. Has focused on the economy when he has done just the opposite which is why poverty continues to escalate. If you disagree Romney is not good for women in the work place take it up with all of those women who worked for him that are upset with the way Obama has portrait Romney. They are out there going across the country setting the record straight. I follow them on twitter. Yes, we are ending the war in Iraqi. But it is being handled in such an amateur way that The middle east is a higher risk now than back to the Carter years. It is unravelling right now and that is why there is so much dishonesty coming out of the WH. Try splashing some ice water on your face to help you wake up.

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      • "His main focus was radically changing healthcare on a federal level" -- actually, it was very much like the plan Romney successfully put in place in me a favor and google "Tribune endorsement: Too Many Mitts" and find out why The Salt Lake City Tribune is not endorsing the Mormon....

      • Re: "MSI, you must be kidding. It is the American people and their resilience that stopped the free fall. ...."

        In that case, marilee, you are making it quite clear that "the American people and their resilience" to have fallen into that mighty free fall in the first place must have been slammed by a quite awful perfect storm, and that would be, few (even few Repubs) would disagree, the one and only Oval Office fratboy farting cowboy, George W. himself.

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    • a continued recovery, troops out of middle east, more investing in alternative energy sources - wow, that does sound terrible. Stem cell research continuing, ensuring equality for women - I know, who'd vote for that?

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      • Just to name a very FEW of his accomplishments in office:

        ...Considering that he:

        1. Ensured that our military had the resources and cross border authority to get BIN LADEN in Pakistan;
        2. that he ended the war in IRAQ;
        3. That he has given us a day certain to leave Afghanistan;
        4. That he has reduced the ACTUAL budget deficit, including the costs of wars, by over 300 billion;
        5. That he has grown jobs, after the disaster that the GOP left us in, with jobs declining at millions per month;
        6. That he gave us the GOP blessed but not voted for, health plan, for ALL Americans to be covered, even with existing conditions, without going personally bankrupt, and while reducing the budget deficit;
        7. That our economy has been growing millions of jobs, in contradistinction to 8 years of the previous GOP administration;
        7. And amazingly, he did it all with the GOP obstructing, his every move, as much as possible,

        Four more years should allow us to continue to see a broadening daylight coming back to America, rather than the DARK NIGHT that the GOP left us in...

        But if you want to go back to the darkness, of GOP misrule, and destruction, I guess everyone has a preference.

    • Yes there are those that tear down our Country and they do it for nothing more than political gain. Bad behaviour should not be rewarded.

    • Obama i know romney is a wimp his family does not care about this country read below do your own fact checking and i am better off then four years ago and no reason to change and let romney sell us all to china remember he say's anything and he lies he proved that on national television in the last debate study his family and may i point this out ask yourself why is it that the major paper in salt lake city utah is supporting obama and why ain't romney leading in the polls in massachusetts where he was governor for one term well folks here are the facts romney was a one term governor and a horrible one at that and would have never won reelection
      and his crowning achievement romney care which is the same as obama care the same people wrote both is loved in his state no talk of repealing it .this man romney is a flat out joke ins't credible and when you see through his lies you will see and not vote for him

      romney the wimpster should not be allowed to be commander and non of his family members have ever fought for this country they don't know the meaning of war us vets know its the last thing
      you want to do thats why we pass it on to our families just like our presidents grandfather passed on to him as my father did for regarding the wimpster romney his family left the united states in 1800's to go to mexico because of the united states enacted
      laws against polygamy then his family came back because of the mexican revolution .look it gets even better he willard mitt romney in college protested in favor of vietnam and the draft and wimped his way to france to hide from being drafted. Come on this man romney is not and american non of his family members ever fought for this country ,he ships jobs over sea for profit he only cares about one person himself how can i say this look at his family history they can care less about america left when they didn't want to abide by our laws and not one of the romney men ever put on a uniform for this country what has his family done for this country but use us and abuse us this man has no right to be president

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      • wow, if that is not the truth! besides saving the auto industry and getting bin Laden, Obama accomplished much behind the scenes, especially in his mission to track gvmt spending and contracts (remember Cheney and Haliburton?). The Republicans banded together and declared that they would fight him at every proposal no matter what and now they complain he was ineffectual?? the hypocrisy is nauseating....and yeah, let's go start another war with any Islamic nation before they get us! is Romney and his corporate buddies going to finance it? if he runs America the way he ran Bain we will be the most isolated hated nation anywhere, but hey, who cares what other people think! anybody who makes less than $250k/year and votes for this snake oil scheister deserves what he will get.....

    • Good for STEM CELLS perhaps???

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    • Dickw, myself and my family are standing up for America with you. God bless you, your family, and America the beautiful!