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  • notthatflop notthatflop Oct 30, 2012 8:51 AM Flag

    Study about Fox News Watchers

    Dick – popularity and accuracy are not the same thing. The study doesn’t lie. You may not like the findings, but that doesn’t change the findings. Sure, Fox is popular, but it is also un-informative, whether you like it or not. Just because people watch it doesn’t make them ‘right’ nor smart and obviously least informed.

    And finally, just watching a little here and there on Fox to see what they report – then laugh at all the info they leave off or just plain distort, does make me a brighter bulb and more informed than someone who gets all there news from this sub-par news service.

    When will you wake up and see this service is not a good choice? Remember, you may not like the facts, but the facts are they are worse than someone not even watching Fox – your choice.

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    • I agree, notthat. I have cited that study here and it is well designed and done and it is not the only one soundly coming to that conclusion.

      dickw, let me take a shot at your toughest query:

      Q. "How do you explain the popularity of Fox and the fact that they are the most watched news in America?"

      A. Could a major factor be that most of them can't read?

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      • 3 Replies to elk_1l
      • Those folks who religiously watch only Fox or argue vehemently in favor of Fox are certainly brainwashed guys who can't think independently, meaning have closed minds and are like cult membe, a bit like Al Qaeda fanatics. Fox is simnply using them to sway their votes to hard-core conservative Republicans without these guys even noticing that! It's that simple!! It's useless to argue reasons with them. Just let them get fooled, if they so want.

      • Well elk, I still think you guys should leave your brain to science. We need to know where the wiring is different because something is abnormal. Just what method did your left wing professors use to make you their drones? Did they implant something or was it just simply brainwashing?

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      • Elk, thanks for that last post on the study of the brain. Putting all politics aside, I found it very interesting. It does validate some of what I have been thinking about human brain processes. Tuesday is the big day. Sorry I can't wish you good luck then but have a nice weekend.

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    • Dick - a question of opinion vs. fact. You provided opinions (I don't believe this) and I provided facts. Science wins out everytime over opinon. Sorry Dick. Remember, most watched does not equate to accuracy. Sorry for you.....

    • Not, if voter qualification tests were required before voter registration people on your side would have a hard time keeping up. You shoud be smart enough to inow studies and polls can be twisted any way a pollster wants. Lets face it bud, you are still beating your chest but this side isn't buying il. You say there is a difference between popularity and accuracy. I say there is a difference between book learning and common sense. That's why you guys are so easily misled and influenced which brings us to Fox and the mainstream media. You really believe you are getting accuracy and facts from the latter? If you do I feel sorry for you. Also, you all voted fo hope and change in '08 but nobody knew what the change was. Be honest now. Another example is Obamacare where Nancy Pelosi told you it had to be passed before you could find out what was in it. What!!! Your side is referred to as "drones" for many reasons. I call it mass gullibility. So take care not and I hope the truth will set you free.

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    • National Enquirer and Star are wildly popular too! lol