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  • jimsobieraj jimsobieraj Nov 13, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    New Seeking Alpha article

    Not as pro ACTC as they usually are. I still think we'll see some nice PRs over the next couple of months

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hey bear, instead of copying and pasting what everyone else said at one time, maybe you could try saying something original? Maybe go out on a limb and make a quess about something and be wrong so someone can cut and paste your words and throw them back in your face? Come on, use that brain and those fingers to type out something original big guy. It won't kill you to stick your neck out and take a chance, it's not always about proving everyone else's stock speculations are wrong, it's about making a few quesses of your own. Go on, get some gonads guy.

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      • " Maybe go out on a limb and make a quess........... "

        I'm not an anxious ACTC sheeple like you. I'm on my own side..... I work alone. My philosophy: There's no need to believe in any side. There is ONLY yourself. The belief is in your own precision, or trading strategies.

        " Come on, use that brain and those fingers to type out something original big guy. It won't kill you to stick your neck out and take a chance......... "

        Why cast pearls before swine; that is, offer something of value to someone who doesn't appreciate it ?

        : )

    • If you have some discretionary funds to invest and have the stomach for a highly speculative stock, ACT is still a good option. No one should invest in any stock like this until they have a solid, balanced portfolio in place. I still believe as I have from the start, that this is an all or nothing investment.

    • " Sentiment: Strong Buy "

      Collaborate w/pop_gun, and have him perform a divination by numbers probability analysis..........

      A hunch
      By fighterpilot, 31-May-12 10:39 pm
      Some good news coming. Only a hunch. But on a scale of one to ten, it is an 8. This is a pretty strong hunch. Very exciting !!!!

      FP Hunch update
      By fighterpilot, 8-Jun-12 12:13 am
      My hunch for good news is now 9.47 on a scale of 1 to 10 Incredible positive !!!! Comments ?????

      : )

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      • I think ACTC is a strong buy in the long term and short term. Their science is amazing and Lanza is top notch for sure. Short term we will have new patient announcements, a platelet IND filing and hopefully some strong results from the newest injections. They have the potential to be finished with the last lawsuit and the SEC investigation soon. Not to mention what may happen to the stem cell sector in general with the NIH stem cell definition and other possible news. With a lame duck progressive president we could see some real growth in stem cell research. Also getting their two stem cells lines approved for federal funding in December. I don't know what will happen but there certainly is alot of potential for good news.

    • I've never given much credit to Seeking Alpha articles, and to even mention the term "value" in the same sentence as ACT is a joke, but the criteria that the author uses as a guide on whether or not to invest is interesting.

      "For value investors looking for bargains, I would suggest to look for the following events prior to investing in ACTC: 1) Final resolution of outstanding lawsuits, 2) Final resolution of the SEC investigation; 3) Hiring of a full-time CFO; and 4) Reverse split and subsequent up-listing to the NASDAQ. All or none of these events may occur in 2013, given the history of ACTC. However, I would caution potential investors to wait until all of these events have occurred prior to taking the plunge--then, and only then, would the company prove that it has the best interest of it's shareholders at heart."

      I don't think resolving these 4 criteria is in anyway a long shot - I'm also not sure if resolving these items alone will increase the pps dramatically - but if for sake of argument it would, I think it makes more sense to at a least take a position now versus waiting for those issues to resolve. If it does jump anyone waiting could miss a big move. No harm for a new entrant playing it safe and investing half now and half when these issues are resolved.