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  • dsroyal91 dsroyal91 Nov 14, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    Where's the volume?

    Buy when you can at whatever share price espicially at this discount.
    How many times has this been around .06(and some lucky ones lower) and gained 50%-400+% in the following weeks?
    It's time for the spike again but might not stop this time.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • ACTC is still in a six-year downtrend. You can trade the spikes, but don't imply to new investors that if you buy here, there will be a huge spike that 1) will last more than a day, 2) not stop, because, everyone in actc more than 30 days knows that has not happened in the last two years,,,,and they know the reasons why (more than just insider dumping which happens with most spikes). To begin with, try overhead selling pressure: there are thousands of longs trapped here for last two years, down 50-70%, hoping to exit on any spike with enough volume to exit at less of a loss (not break even, that won't happen because the volume and the market makers won't allow that). Final FDA approval of current trials, years from now (only in early phase I today) will move pps considerably. Invest before then, your risk staggering losses from further dilution, retail shorting on the big board if actc get's uplisted after a Reverse Split,,,,,,just a zillion reasons why for the near term future zero spikes will last more than one trading session, and on low volume IMO. The newest INDs are simply applications to the FDA, and will no doubt be hyped in a PR, but the pros know that these are only applications for human trials, and the proof of concept only comes when the FDA actually approves the application/trials. Even then, like the IND approval for the eye program, the spike will only last week before the pps begins to dive, again, because it's still years away form revenue/fda approval for actual treatment/thereapy.

    • The spike stops when Lanza sells.

    • Lanza would know, or just want another prize such as a big bone.
      You can't take it with you.

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    • I've only heard things for moving forward. Until that changes, BUY! Unless you become filthy rich by selling all those shares aquired from over time,of course.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Did you hear that you can trade the spikes but don't imply to new investors....Are you kidding Karen? Don't you speak for anyone here. You don't know what they bought, sold, traded and especially if they're happy. .01 is not a spike-pro!