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  • craigsswanndo craigsswanndo Nov 15, 2012 10:00 AM Flag


    Gotta be done in the US,, folks aint gonna like it but tough shiet,, unless this is addressed, we go over the cliff more,, and not a promise to do so,, just do it now,, course then Obama won't be as popular and the parasites will pi*s*s and moan,, it is absolutely unbelievable the amount of free stuff these folks get for nothing, with the exception, their vote,,

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    • First, doctor fraud must be cleaned up by putting some doctors in jail for perpetrating fraud as examples. As some doctor posted on this board, the doctor knowingly treated cheating patients on government disability medical plan, who are not disabled, and the doctor billed the government as a participant of the fraud. Be it remembered that at the end of the day, patients, whether cheating or not, do not pocket any money, while it is the doctors, and the medical firms, which pocked all the money from the government Medicaid and such programs. At the end of the day, patients, whether honest or cheats, may leave with pills, shots, surgery, X-rays, MRI's, and even leaving in boxes, but no patients leave with any cash. It is the doctors who leave with money from the private and government insurance programs whether from fraudulent and honest billings. Medical program costs are the one of the fastest growing costs of the government. This rapid increase implies doctors and medical firms are pocketing money at ever rapidly increasing rates. Again, it is simple arithmetics. At the end of the day, patients pocket zero dollars, so that all the money goes to the doctors and the medical establishments. Follow the money. Do the math. It is simple arithmetics.

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      • It is not fraud to treat a patient coming in complaining of some symptom,, I pointed out that personally I did not think some need to have welfare and mediciad but that is not my decision but yet they are set up for this through the shiet bag lawyers,, and the docs are not the ones who are raking in the dough but yet it is the lawyers that are now stuffing their pockets,, reimbursement to docs has not increased for over 15 years but expenses have increased and many of us who are in provate practice are being forced to close because of all this,, despite what you may think, most of us are honest and I sure as hell don't you fraud stuff,, if they catch you doing something like that then they roast your a*s*s,,

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      • Aren't you brave-docs have to carry a gun to enforce that. And he suspected-can't prove. Follow the meds, not the money.

    • "it is absolutely unbelievable the amount of free stuff these folks get for nothing,"

      Doc, of course you're including Mitt and all the taxes he skipped out on paying, and all the money he's hiding in off shore accounts thats helping support enemies of this country, along with all the jobs he destroyed while running Bain Capital. And lets not forget the huge subsisides big oil, coal, and gas get each year, to name only a few, along with the bailout of the auto industry and WS, whom caused this economic mess we're now in.
      Once again the Oligarchs of our society have fed you lies about the poor of our society, while they've raped the country blind. And as long as they have folks, like you, that are so full of bigotry, that they swallow this propaganda hook line and sinker, they'll always remain in power.

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      • Keep, you're making serious allegations that you can't back up with any evidence. You know better than that. You should qualify your statements with " in my opinion." Romney did not "skip out" on paying his taxes. That would be illegal. He did not "hide" money in foreign bank accounts with intent to deceive. He did nothing illegal. When are you guys going to stop lying and be truthful. Your problem with Romney is you couldn't find anything bad about him. Hence, you just start making things up. How about a little honesty for a change. That would be a refreshing change for Democrats.

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    • No way C, that's not gonna work, what will is reducing the Welfare pop over the course of a generation-oh wait-that's violating their right to reproduce. Austerity is for thinking people who can work around it. During the gas shortage all the pigs came out.

    • Just curious. What specific programs do you want cut and by how much?