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  • notthatflop notthatflop Nov 16, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

    Love triangle

    FP, Keep and Bear. They love each other so much it hurts. Either one of them wouldn't know what to do if one of them left this MB. Dysfunctional family of the 21st century. Who needs TV when you have those three around?

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    • Yeah, for my amusement..... pop_gun, and a few others are extended case studies.

      How to recognize a narcissist ...................

      Re: What a great day
      By fighterpilot, 17-Apr-12 01:03 pm
      keep let me ask you a question What do you not understand on such a simple story. There is this FIGHTERPILOT from Germany, smart and good looking. He marries into a vast fortune of oil, farming and banking and he becomes an investor after he retires from the military. Are you really THAT stupid to understand such a simple story which as I have stated before was featured in an old Playboy Magazine, which is right here in my desk.

      Re: The rare bird
      By fighterpilot, 7-May-12 09:37 am
      Deme you know my German background in intelligence. It was my area of expertise, I have explained the situation to so many friends, but the last thing a lot of those folks like to do, is to listen to those who are experts in a certain field. They rather hear what they like to hear and there are plenty who want to get elected or sell their paper.

      Re: hey fighterpileit...
      By fighterpilot, 27-May-12 02:41 pm
      Well you got at least a few things right and yes we had Colorado Air Force Academy graduates in my glass from the top 4 % due to the fact that after graduation only top fighter assignments were handed out due to German stipulation which had a different transport pilot program and demanded the highest standards for the one million Dollar, they paid for the T 37 T 38 training. The planes belonged to the German Airforce with American flag. I got my American wings and my German wings after this program in Sheppard AFB which I completed as best in my class. Another year of training in Luke AFB on the Starfighter followed, which I finished as the top gun. From there back to Germany for additional weather training and two years of combat ready training with a graduate of the American war college and FP in my German squadron. Test pilot , Instructor, and operational command over American pilots might look to you as missing equivalent qualifications. Well , not to me, and I have double citizenship for your information. A dream life which many do not have, but they have a computer and a YAHOO MB to spread their envy and #$%$. And "Yes" I married an exceptional pretty and rich American girl. And this was just the tip of the iceberg for my great life I had so far. Too bad that we have so many losers on this MB, too bad that so many left for this reason. Now all the best to you. The sun is shining in San Diego.Maybe you know this better too.:-:-)

      Re: Re: Many will never know OT
      By fighterpilot.Nov 9, 2012 2:17 PM.
      You cannot even imagine what a good looking hunk I was. Girls lined up to have their heads laying in my lap admiring my six pack. Well, later the line got shorter. LOL LOL

      : )

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      • ' This should not be interpreted in any way as bragging since it only references the opinion of almost all reasonable minds everywhere' ............... ain't that right, Mr. Integrity ?
        elk_1l • 12 hours ago
        FP, seeing the constant attacks upon you and your person by beareclawe I am compelled (because of my enormous and incredible personal integrity [though this should not be interpreted in any way as bragging since it only references the opinion of almost all reasonable minds everywhere]), to respond. beareclawe has over and over again recalled your post:
        "… Those times are gone and below .30 will not last that much longer. NO BRAINER Anticipation alone will drive the SP higher. Anticipation of a game changer. …"
        I do have to point out that I, myself, more than once, made similar posts (again, this admission should not be interpreted in any way as bragging by me since reports of my incredible integrity only reference the opinion of almost all reasonable minds everywhere). I also can state that you and I are not the only members of the ACTC MB who made such posts in the past (again, this should not be interpreted in any way as bragging .... etc., etc.).
        Despite this truth (acknowledged by me because of my incredible integrity, etc., etc.) bearclawe has never gone through the MB history and found these similar posts by myself and many others but has solely focused on your posts, ergo, we would have to conclude (at least all of those here with the enormous and incredible integrity of someone like myself [again, not bragging here but only acknowledging]) that beareclawe has something other than an objective agenda in place here.
        Further, I do have state (again, because of my enormous and incredible personal integrity [again, not bragging here, etc.]) that I continue to believe that the basic long run conviction embodied in those posts by yourself, myself, and others will eventually come to fruition and will prevail with great reward for those not unnerved by silly and specious arguments.

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    • north it just keep dropping. tick toc tick toc LMAO 5-4-3-1-0

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