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  • notthatflop notthatflop Nov 16, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    Will Fraud Man answer this simple question?

    Fraud man – purveyor of lies and distorter of truths! - can you get Bachman/Perry/Cain to tell us what god's voice sounded like when he told them to run for President. We'd sure like to know what the almighty sounds like. Or were those three delusional? It is a monumental event and newsworthy when the deity stoops to speak with a mere human, and in this not one but three. This should have been covered in great detail by the media. Please Fraud man, any insight?

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    • Flop, I take it you are an athiest but your attempt to belittle God does have consequences. No concern to you, I'm sure.

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    • Your type is so ignorant and BLIND, that granting you sight would be a waste of light....Thethree fine Americans you mentioned are not involved with "ganja, peyote, and psylicybin mushrooms". grow up and stop acting like a deranged juvenile.

      That said, Sight will only be granted to those who are willing to see, because light is the TRUTH. When you plagiarize your "funny diatribe", and LIE that you saw it on the website of your imaginary friend, that is darkness, which means that you don't deserve sight, spiritual or otherwise! I hope my answer clears up your foggy smoke filled, drug ridden-mind.

    • " Please ....... any insight? "

      Ask bluecloud for some of god's gift ....... that is ganja, peyote, and psylicybin mushrooms.

      Annoy a Contard
      By bluecloud1013, 30-Jul-12 09:43 pm
      Work for a living and pay your taxes without whining about it.They have succeeded in pigeion holing libs as welfare queens, when in fact we are very hard workers. we just tend not to brag about it like they do. Use the plants God gave us for medicine and knowledge (ganja, peyote, psylicybin mushrooms) because then you will know many things that they will never know. God created all plants and animals. God created humans with cabinoid, opiate and psychedelic receptors built in to our brains. Coincidence? I think not, but the contards will cry "druggie", but who cares? I only care what God approves of, not a bunch of hypocrites from red states. Know God, have a relationship wi9th Him and know His love for ALL His children is real.

      : )