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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Nov 19, 2012 4:02 PM Flag

    Proof the GOP is using fake outrage over Benghazi for political gain


    Where was the demand for investigations for all these incidents that happened under the Bush administration???

    2002 - U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan.. 10 killed in attack

    2004 - U.S. Embassy bombed in Uzebekistan, 2 killed , 9 injured

    2004 - Gunman storm the U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia, 8 killed

    2006 - Armed men attack U.S. Embassy in Syria, 1 killed

    2007 - Grenade launched into U.S. Embassy in Athens

    2008 Bombing at U.S. Embassy in Yeman, 10 killed

    There was not one cry for any investigations from the hyprocrite GOP. But should something like this happen on Obama's watch?? Look Out!!!!

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    • #$%$ Blue. All of those instances were investigated. This situation is distinguished by it's duration, the fact that the ambassador was assassinated, the fact that official story for 2 weeks time has been shown to be false just for starts.

      Are you really so comfortable with the explanation that we have right now that you believe no further inquiry is needed?