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  • elk_1l elk_1l Nov 21, 2012 8:56 AM Flag

    O/T How Do We Stop The Entitlement Society

    Re: "We can't now that Obama has 4 more years,, there are more people every day signing up for free shiet,, funny,, I don't get free shiet but I have to pay for it,, what the fk is that,, He and the social tramps have made it so easy to get entitlements,, why would anyone in their right mind get a job,, eventually there is not going to be enough money to go around and then the parasites that don't need will suffer,, problem is that the folks that really need help will suffer as well,,
    How do you stop it,, I don't think we can now and that was the whole plan from the start 4 years ago,, We are in a new era for the US,, PRIDE is now gone,, C"

    You are right, craig, but truly it is your kind of false PRIDE that is now gone so just suck it up and get over it. You and others here have been trying to thrive on and thought you would win an election by talking about "social tramps" and "parasites" who are spending all of their time stealing entitlements. And, at best, you really think there is not enough money (as if that is the essential limiting factor) for everyone to live a reasonably productive and dignified life. There are a certain per cent of psychopaths in every sphere of the social landscape but you focus intensely and solely on those of the poor, and as well black and brown (though, to be sure, in code). There is really a much higher percent of psychopaths and parasites in the 1% (who are doing a lot more damage to our nation's economy in the service of their own benefit than the poor could even think of doing even in their most insane fantasies), but since the 1% have the requisite money (crucial by your standards) you have to believe that they constitute only the most wonderful and beneficent class of people and you never direct any of your critical faculties in their direction, even as most of them screw as many of us as they can (and they are in position to succeed at a lot more crime than all of the poor put together, and they do so quite successfully).

    And as relatively wealthy as you are in your own neighborhood you still have to keep harping constantly on those down your street or across town who's free sheit you feel you have to constantly pay for, as if your life is so tough ( and their lives in the ghetto are so glorious). You can relate to them and generate anger, mostly false, at them but the 1% who are much more successful in robbing all of us and our country get a free pass because they are too far away and too inaccessible, behind their walled in mansions and PR folk, for any of us to touch in any way. They can afford to have a comfortable laugh at any such notions or attempts; really, they have become so wealthy and powerful none of us can reach them in any way if they so desire. So we may as well not even see them and it's better to vent our anger elsewhere, even if falsely so. We can feel somewhat better, and be a lot safer, venting our anger by beating the sheit out of the poor and weak (whether verbally or physically, ie starvation, disease, etc.). And although not so true in West Virginia, still it helps you and your friends to see the poor and weak as mostly black and brown "parasites" and "social tramps." That allows seeing them as despicable and deserving of contempt. Nevertheless, in any given week you can look at court cases wherein corporations have settled on $millions, hundreds of $millions, and sometime $billions in settlements for their robberies, often at great losses to cities + towns, counties + states, around the world, and often resulting in great suffering to the people in those local communities. And for the most part, we can note, no one goes to jail for these often egregious and far reaching crimes, which cause far more suffering than any you can attribute to poor "parasites." (BP just settled for a $4B payment on the Gulf oil spill disaster [which involved several deaths and injuries and absolutely incredible damages to local communities and small businesses as well as the Gulf] and the next day announced a $4.5B share buy back to stabilize their share price. No one, of course, went to jail.).

    Yes, craig, there are some psychopaths amongst the poor but there is a much higher per cent of psychopaths amongst the 1% and they have the power, and some of them have the requisite unbounded greed, to very much undermine and be a lot more destructive to our economy and our society than all of the poor put together.

    And, of course, if we are not careful, making a habit of this kind of misplaced anger can become a family matter. As Orwell noted, we express at our loved ones the anger we can't express at our enemies because our enemies are too far away.

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    • Elk, very good! But I'm afraid Doc is so far gone down that right-wing path of always blaming the poor in society for its woes, when in reality, as you say, its the rich that keep taking far more than their fair share thats the real problem, its the story of mankind.

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