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  • elk_1l elk_1l Nov 21, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    O/T How Do We Stop The Entitlement Society

    Re: "…but, at some point in time, eventually you run out of other peoples money with the Robin Hood thing,, C"

    craig, you speak as though it is still not totally clear that the wealthy have been succeeding in a class war for at least 3 decades wherein they have managed a massive redistribution of wealth in their favor with enough money left over to buy just about anything including paying lobbyists and PR people very well to talk as if class war does not exist in the US and that to even suggest it is virtually treasonous at the same time as they receive huge subsidies and big tax breaks and have their talking heads trying to convince people who really need some help, f.i. food to survive, basic health care, that to receive it will only weaken them and make them truly despicable parasites.

    So, craig, how can you or anyone else justify, for instance, hedge fund managers getting annual salaries of $hundreds of millions and in some cases a $billion or more and paying only 14% in taxes? And what is worse is that they bought and paid for Congress to make it totally legal. Massive amounts of money virtually robbed from all of us in broad daylight. How do you not get angry over that very well entrenched facet of our society?

    Having succeeded so marvelously they now pay for others to hide their gargantuan swindle, which now stands as the greatest Welfare coup in the history of mankind, while they accuse the truly weak and poor of wanting a Welfare state. That, of course, can't be tolerated because the wealthy have already co-opted for themselves a much more beneficent Welfare system which they do their best to make believe doesn't exist.

    Really, craig, don't you get tired of squinting through your thick magnifying glass intently searching for and focusing in on any minutia that will serve to inflate your racist demonizing of the weak and poor?

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    • First of all, I'm not racist so stop that shiet,, and I am all about caring for the truley poor and weak and don't mind paying my fair share to help,, I don't like folks like Obama wasting my money on stupid shiet like the solar companies that he lost all of our money in,, and I'm up for a flat tax that everyone plays on a fair field,, that means you get rid of loop holes that the mega rich hide their money in,, you also make it to where he poor can learn a trade or get schooling in order to make their lives productive and give them PRIDE and get them off the tit,,

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    • By the way, you are good at critisizing about everything I say but I've not heard any of your solutuions as how to handle our problems and coming to the middle, if you wish to do that,,