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  • jnichols_962711 jnichols_962711 Nov 22, 2012 4:23 PM Flag

    Injections Next Week?


    Well...I four one expect a great sell off be4 den....Taxes U know....Maybe U don't...

    Let me try 2 splain taxes, man, taxes...Not sure if that was spanish 8nuf, but, taxes, man, taxes, etc....peace....

    In other words if some of our more dedicated wealthy individuals do not sell shares to cover their taxes for 2013, then I would not have faith in them (as they would be using us as rats) and sell b4 31 dec....But I think they are savier than u or me....Really...I do....

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    • Black, we got 5 injections due any day now till they are done. Then we get to wait 6 weeks for dsmb review. Its slow but its moving forward each step. I just added 16,500 last week in the 6.4 cent range cause its ridicoulous for mc and pps to be so low. We shall see about injections soon. Lots starting to be going on. The furthur along in the trial we get permission to go into ph2 and then ph 3. By then we will have so many people experiancing positive results we will be getting early fda go ahead. It could occur but im dreaming i know. Steve

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      • jss: this is supposed to be a Phase I/II study. However, I'm not sure where the break from Phase I and II might be.

        Second point, IMO, there is no requirement in SEC Rule Fair Disclosure that ACTC must disclose the additional injections. You may recall that GERN did not announce some of the additional spinal injections for quite a while.

        It may be that ACTC has already performed the injections and nothing has been announced.

        Just something to think about.