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  • elk_1l elk_1l Nov 26, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    Coming up on two year anniversary of Bill's death and

    bump for keep


    Rock, what you have seemed to forget is that these trails are safety first. All the early patients had sight conditions that were deemed incurable, and that way if they were to lose that eye it wouldn't be a total tragedy, because they would have evenually lost sight in that eye. But the first patients did report improved vision, and proved it by doing daily tasks like shopping on their own. And eventhough Maurie Hill hasen't shown conclusive improvement in her treated eye, she has subjectively seen light flashes in that eye, and there is effacy taking place in the retina area where the cells were injected.
    And the main thing is that there has been no tumor growths or other problems for any of the patients so far, and that in its self is great news.

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