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  • mruyog mruyog Nov 26, 2012 12:25 PM Flag

    Current Depressed Share Price Accomodates Accumulation

    The company has enough cash now to run its operations for a few months at least but needs more cash reserve for forthcoming more expensive Phase II-III efficacy trials after the safety trials are satisfactorily over. Therefore, Lincoln Park may continue doing this little by little for several months. Of course, Lincoln Park is in to make money and not loose money. Thus, with the money it's providing to the company, the company may facilitate Lincoln Park's investment at the best price possible while giving it some clues as to where the trial results are headed.

    Unless RS is done and the company enters into Phase II of the trials, other istitutional investors will stay away. I believe, Rabin is counting on big pharmas' attraction after Phhase II ensues. Thus, a lot is likley to happen sometime later in 2013. My point is that this stock currently is not for traders, it's for investors seeking bottom fishing.

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    • "this stock currently is not for traders, it's for investors seeking bottom fishing."

      Well there's a strategy that has done nothing but produced such staggering losses, to so many, in such a short time. It should be criminal to make that kind of statement, one that implies there should be a bottom to a penny stock with zero revs, seriously bad management, constant dilution to pay everyone, and years away from FDA validation.

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      • Karen,

        I doubt if you have ever invested in biotech companies other than ACTC (that too if you really have)! If that's true, you must educate yourself by in-depth study of financing of such companies, commercial potential of their research, societal issues addressed through the research and, also, how and why it takes long for the FDA to approve clinical use of the drugs or treatment based on the research before you give any opinion. If everybody in the financial/investment world is like you, our country would never advance. You criticize everything that is going on at this company or are very negative in your attitude for the future of this company, yet you are perhaps the most active poster on this board!! That, to me, smells like a rat!

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