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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Nov 26, 2012 9:25 PM Flag



    THe point of the post was to bring to your attention that every now and again the truth seeks into a Fox Noise interview and they have to cut to commercial immediately. Where was Fox when Haliburton was poisoning our soldiers? Where was Fox when MILLIONS in US cash disappeared in Iraq? Where was Fox when hundereds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens where being bombed to kingdom come? I am not trying to diminsh the seriousness of what happened in Libya, I am laughing at the ridiculousness of Fox Noise and their coverage decisions. Google the video and watch.... They were called out as the propaganda wing of the GOP and they were caught off guard buy the truth. Funny stuff.

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    • I think even you will agree Blue that but for Fox this story would be dead and buried. Give them some credit. And why not stop trying to simply score points - you seem better then that.

      I honestly can't recall Fox, CNN or another networks inquiry into the issues that you raised but just as you see bias in Fox, I see some soft balling from CNN on certain issues. MSNBC is to me the comedy hour. But I truly feel that to understand any issue these days I need to read the NYT and the WSJ. Watch Fox and CNN. Read Drudge and the Economist and read foreign publications that Drudge provides great access to.

      So back to the Benghazi issue, we still need to know what happened and why.