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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Nov 27, 2012 8:44 PM Flag

    Apparently I got Beach right in the gooch


    He/she is imploding as I type. Beach has probably thrown his laptop across the room in defeat. Fox NOise is the propaganda arm of the GOP, he knows it, he knows we all know it. But instead of addressing the reason behind the post, Beach has created a scene, sone drama that he/she clearly thrives on. I have told Beach how I feel about the Benghazi explanation already, but he insists on spinning it back to that question. Fox Noise has zero credibility as a news organization, they have no journalists, just hate mongering and fear creating talking heads. When they are ready to try to run a respectable news outfit and not the racist, Islamaphobic and homophobic outfit they are now, maybe real Americans with brains will consider listening again. "We report, you decide"????? really? so you tell me a story and I decide if it's #$%$? Is that how watching Fox News works? I will PASS on unfair and unbalanced reporting from propagandaville, usa. .....and Beach, you should be ashamed of yourself for giving any props to such an outlandish and pandering "news" station.

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    • Is it the ganja, peyote, or psylicybin mushrooms ?

      Annoy a Contard
      By bluecloud1013, 30-Jul-12 09:43 pm
      Work for a living and pay your taxes without whining about it.They have succeeded in pigeion holing libs as welfare queens, when in fact we are very hard workers. we just tend not to brag about it like they do. Use the plants God gave us for medicine and knowledge (ganja, peyote, psylicybin mushrooms) because then you will know many things that they will never know. God created all plants and animals. God created humans with cabinoid, opiate and psychedelic receptors built in to our brains. Coincidence? I think not, but the contards will cry "druggie", but who cares? I only care what God approves of, not a bunch of hypocrites from red states. Know God, have a relationship wi9th Him and know His love for ALL His children is real.

      : )

    • Oh Blue, get over your sanctimonious, little self already. You've mocked the investigation into the embassy attack from the start when your hated Fox has been the only news outlet to investigate it. We don't know what happened yet but we do know that the administration feed the American people a line of garbage for two weeks and now months later little has been cleared up.

      You said how you feel about the attack!? Your response was more of the evasive, non answer that we get from the libs. You said something like, I'm not naive, I know all politicians lie. Well, that's NOT the question. So I'll repeat it again, are YOU satisfied with the administrations explanation on the Al Qaeda attack that resulted in the death of 4 Americans including a US ambassador? It's a yes or no question. And Blue, all a no means is that we are owed a further explanation.

      So you can try and pretend that your post was just to mock Fox, but the gist of what the guest was saying is that Fox has hyped the investigation - that's what you were giddy about, thats what you were ROTFL about and that's where you've been exposed, for all to see.

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